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Sunday 10 April 2005

AmLan 2 [Am]

Gentlemen - it gives me very great pleasure to continue the owning of noncy clans what don't have cool homespun Lans and announce;
AmLan 2 - Return of Teh Fucksticks
The date is Fri 19th to Sun 21st of August.
Confirmed attendance list as follows:
  • Am (doh)
  • Lurks
  • Brit
  • Slim
  • Dr Dave
  • Shedir (!)
  • Meaty (!)
  • Lotta (!)
  • Spiro
  • Muz
  • Mugs (!)
  • Skeeve
  • Pod
  • Jay
  • KV
  • Houmous
  • Braddy

  • Beej - pending leave or still in possession of torso
  • Mistral - assuming not surgically attached to Spiny :-)


  1. Superb! Since HouLan 2005 has announced paintballing as the special activity, can we have a similar commitment to a novel diversion which doesn't involve trying to poison us with noxious rum 'coctails'?

  2. I still have nightmares about that cocktail, it was truely and evil cocktail. It didn't so much steal my soul as disolve it.
    I know the dodgy Shirt competition didn't work out so well last year. So i'd like to suggest the stupidest pair of slippers competition for this year. Pod has a head start, so it makes it all the more interesting

  3. AHHHHHH, he says, slipping into something akin to rigor mortis at the very thought of 'that' cocktail. More rum is it? Why yes Am, since I still HAVE an atom or two of my liver floating around, why not try to kill the buggers off eh? eh? ok shur, letsh play cunt0rshtrik...
    Marvellous. Doubly so since I fucking ruled! It was as if my inner demons (Lord Skills and Dark Master Ownerage) only come out when the rest of my body is hovering just above alcoholic oblivion.
    Encore! Une fois! Je le taxi! Uh hoh 'e hoh!

  4. It is my considered opinion that Houmous pulled the paintball card as a cheap stunt and given the state of fitness of the vast contingent of the clan, in flagrent disregard for cardiac health, seismology and indeed basic space-time physics.
    Am "Like Skegness" Lan2 resorts to no cheap trickery. So I'm going to charter a boat for saturday evening with any luck . Rum cocktails on the harbour as the sun goes over the yardarm boys? I'm mixing them all by myself!

  5. Whilst the idea of sundowners is unspeakably leet, might I suggest that His Amness Amnesia has perhaps disregarded a few physical laws himself, notably those involving buoyancy and displacement of water? Not only that, but he ignores empirical evidence: a mere handful of EED managed to sink a punt (previously thought to be the 'Titanic' of the unpowered pleasurecraft world). The mind boggles at the potentially catastrophic consequences of having twenty or more of our esteemed clanmates in the same nautical conveyence. While casuing widespread devestation to the north coast of France is an understandable and some might say laudable goal, one must take pause at the thought of the havoc that would be wrought on this side of the Channel...

  6. Au contraire Muz, I had thought of it absolute immediatement and concluded not only can we wipe out Calais but *if we push the right way at the right time*, the South coast of Essex at the same time.... a few games, a few beers, a lot of shouty behaviour and a guaranteed knighthood for services to the country all thrown in. I'm too good to ya!
    Now about that boat you could sort out for me. The one with the 2 inch shells.....

  7. Chap with the wings, three rounds rapid!

  8. Ok - well - with some sorrow for the usual peeps that can't make it, the decision is as follows;
    AmLan "Teh Break From Skegness" 2 will be held between Fri 19th and Sun 21st of August 2005.
    Of the options this works for the best number of people in the best number of worlds. For those of you that can't make it I'm sorry - dem's teh breaks. Lots of time for a renegotiate uh :)))
    Let the ownerage, they call immense, commence......

  9. Seems like flights are 99 quid from Bergen to Stanstead, and my gf didn't object so much to the idea of me going over to meet you guys at AmLAN, so it might just happen.
    I will be needing to borrow a pc tho, as I don't have a laptop other than work's, and that is a shitty IBM.

  10. Oi! Get Dr D on that list, post haste chopper.

  11. I'll probably be booking up for this today, reckon flybmi will be cheapest. Even though their post 9/11 insurance is dearer than the fucking flight.
    I'll need to tap a PC mind you again, but theres a hell of a lot of lotto draws between now and then!

  12. Right, tickets are booked and I'll be arriving Stanstead 11:30 am on the 19th of august. Need to sort transport from there, and a pc to use at Am's...

  13. As of tonite Linda is apparently begging Slim to go. I can understand that....

  14. Official Amlan tour shirt here: merch! - buy one!

  15. I should be able to go to AmLan fine and dandy so throw my name in there.
    I reserve the right to cancel at the last minute (ala several people last year *cough*) due to random work issues tho - as we have a deadline or two near there and if something goes wrong I *may* have to work that weekend. But lets presume nowt goes wrong and I will be fine :)
    Can bring own machine but no transport. Anyone fancy hiring a car and splitting the cost again?
    Pity the shirts are not available from cafe press anymore! I have plenty of the old tee-shirts that braddy stiffed me on the cost of anyway, so its cool!
    The 3 big questions are:
    What single player game will Hu being playing this time?Who will be the first person who has to do a complete reinstall :)Can anyone beat Pod at Singstar?

  16. I'm in for the car Vagga. New T-shirts have been sorted. Houmous wont be there this time, he's found a Love Boat simulator and is spending a week on that.

  17. right then so, anyone know how to drive and have a current full licence fancy going from central London to AmLan with myself and matt then :)

  18. Beej is coming then..
    He must be able to drive :)

  19. Three weeks to go. I'm offering a discount on a triple-pack last will and testament, life-insurance and funereal expenses deal if anyone wants one. Should prove popular. Please contact wonga@churchofelectricdeath.con