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Saturday 16 April 2005

The General Election: policies, or personalities? [Brit]

Its that time again; its the General Election.
I'm quite a keen follower of all things political - it seems to be an EED 'thing' to keep abreast of and examine the Witterings of Westminster. I have to say however, that as far as this election is concerned, I really don't see the point of voting for anyone but Labour.
Why? Because its down to personalities, rather than policies (between the Labour crowd and the Tories) and the Liberal Democrats, no matter how they couch it, basically want to tax the living shit out of everything that moves.
Lets face it, Michael Howard comes across as a supremely untrustworthy individual, who I wouldn't give car keys to, let alone keys to the Exchequer. Its like the Tory party are incapable of electing a leader with which you & I might identify.
I also don't think the Iraq war will count for much either - General Elections tend to be about domestic issues more than anything; it's amazing how quickly the international political ripples cease to cause an effect when the ballot boxes are wheeled out.
The key problem is that I don't know who to trust on 90% of the issues I care about: crime, education, economy & jobs, savings, business and transport. Why? because everyone uses a different "authoritative" report or finding to support their cause. Where is the definitive article? there isn't one. So it's all rather pointless eh?
I was actually impressed by the Green Party's manifesto. Until the last point: "Give up all our nuclear weapons". At which point I realised the good intentioned flap-jack eating treehuggers really are most definitely never destined for power in the real world.
My predicition? Labour: re-elected for the 3rd term by a surprisingly large majority (stupid student-based tactical voting fails) Blair quits after 2 years, Brown takes over PM.
This is democracy! But slightly pointless nonetheless.


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