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Tuesday 26 April 2005

Is justice really served by the legal system? [Shedir]

Another day, another despicable crime by the dregs of humanity.
Take your pick, interfering with children, raping grannys, stabbing mothers in the neck and leaving them paralysed, the list goes on and on.
Our police force now administer fines if you eat an apple while driving, while arseholes wander the city centres stealing at will to feed their habits.
So. Your life has been ruined by a scumbag. You go through the police and whole judicial process and the guy is sent down.
In this example he raped your 18month old baby.
Junkie cunt gets 8 years, 4 for good behaviour.
He's on the sex offenders register.
Most peoples reaction is "not long enough away", followed by "he'll get what he deserves in there".
Why are we relying on lags to give us the sort of punishment in our hearts we believe the beast is due anyway? It's an endemic failure that the penalty for unacceptable behaviour provides no real deterrent, only the other wasters who are locked up provide any real element of threat. Not the sentence.
We may pour scorn on the arab countries, but by christ break the rules over there and you lose the offending appendage. Bit more satisfaction for the victims, if possible depending on the crime, and a long lasting deterrent on said crim repeat offending.
In short, we need harsher penalties on people who perform the worst crimes. Not angermanagement classes and reduced sentances, chemical (or brick) castration for example.
How's the rest of you feel on this? I'm just sick of feeling the only time justice is truly meted out it's not by a paid reperesntative of us. But some inmate who chivs the guy in the showers, or 15 of them who rape him in his bed etc...

1 comment:

  1. The only result you would get from "revenge" style punishment on rapists and the such would be them hiding the evidence. And if its worth "provoking" killing of kids sure go ahead.
    It really should be less of a punishment and more protecting everyone from criminals. Harder punishments only makes it worse, thats proven over and over even in western countries.
    Chemical castration sounds good, and would be fucking great if it worked. But it only works on some, since the whole thing aint about sex in most cases, its a powertrip so they dont really need a dick and a sexdrive to pull it off.
    What is needed is some sort of cure, drugs or something else.