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Friday 22 April 2005

Iraq's bloody insurgency [Beej]

The recent incident involving a downed commercial helicopter north of Baghdad has resulted in a new insurgent video being released. So we've had decapitations before (and IEDs, and rockets, and so on) and that's, well, pretty fucking shocking to a Westerner. This new video shows insurgents gunning down a helicopter crash survivor in cold blood. They essentially help him up, then tell him to go, then shoot him down.
My beef with this is that I find the footage worse than the whole decapitation thing (for the record, I've chosen not to watch the beheading videos in full). You'd think surviving a helicopter crash would be a bit nifty, but oh no, these fuckers help you up and then riddle you with bullets.
Insurgent videos are an interesting subject. It must be some of the the most powerful media propoganda ever employed by a terrorist or insurgent group. Okay, well you're going to say that the Coalition also turn out their own propoganda, and that's partly true to a much lesser extent; that's about spin and lies rather than uploading videos of graphic killings of your enemy one by one.
I'm hopeful that these Islamic terrorist videos will cause more harm to the insurgency than good. Foreign fighters are an important factor that has probably helped turn the Iraqi people against the Muslim jihadists who have nothing better to do than do what they're told and wage a war in someone else's country.
There's too much media focus on the insurgents' videos; I want to see the real life insurgent confessions syndicated in the UK to even out this little propoganda war.


  1. You know, the people I feel really sorry for are that poor guy's family and friends, who may well be told about it - or even see it themselves.
    Words alone cannot do justice to the way I feel about those that film and then release these bits of footage; I'm not even angry - just resigned to the fact that such people really do not deserve to exist and I'd happily exterminate every single one of them without a second thought.
    You're right though; such 'insurgency' is actually doing more harm than good within the Iraqi rank and file, and people are already edging out such people as the western-government-imposed democracy model of governance actually starts to take root.

  2. The propoganda is very effective, you can get a massive emotional result for very little effort, and in some ways I'm glad to see the iraqi's using the same style of propoganda in reverse. I've nuked the link by the way, don't really wanna help people find this shit.

  3. It's amazing how both sides are using utterly opposing techniques:One shows the brutal truth of the situation, the other does everything it can to lie and deceive - but the end result is that both sides appear as bad as each other to millions around the world.

  4. Propoganda videos by jihadists do not represent the brutal truth. These examples of violence may be "a brutal truth", it's not the *ground truth* of what life is like for the Iraqi people. Where are the propoganda videos of Jordanian, Lebanese, Sudanese suicide bombers killing Iraqi women and children? Where are the propoganda videos of Iraqi Police being killed as they leave home for work?
    The Coalition has admitted to previous mistakes, a reminder that we've evolved way ahead of these brainwashed medieval religious whackos.

  5. Come on duds.Wouldnt you do all the same if Arabs would bomb your country andsteal you money?Use brain people.

  6. Jesus. I just love being told to use my brain by someone that hasn't the faintest grasp on reality. Yes that's right 'dud', the whole removal of a genocidal dictator was just about stealing their money. Sigh.