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Sunday 10 April 2005

Stuff that just keeps working [Brit]

Looking around my den, it suddenly struck me that my SONY "Dream Machine" clock radio is now 10 years old. It hasn't stopped working once, never had a problem with it.
My Epson Stylus Colour 880 printer - likewise, nearly 10 years old and still going strong and I've only had to replace the carts three times during that period. It's covered in wax too; big splodges of it - yet print it does, every time.
Then I look at my iPod; no more than two years old and already consigned to the area designated for devices that I really cannot be bothered with trying to keep alive for more than four hours at a time.


  1. One Commdore 64, tape deck & power supply - still working since, around 1986-ish
    If i used it every day, i dare say the power supply would have blown by now. Emulation = very useful

  2. iPod battery doesn't work and replacing it is too hard? No worries.... you now have a USB2/Firewire HDD for your notebook backups etc.