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Monday 4 April 2005

H & B DRX-430 [Slim]

I was getting a bit fed up with nuking stuff off sky+ to make space when I really wanted to keep it. So I splashed out on a DVD Recorder, the H & B DRX-430.

Well, its a little cracker! It does dvd recording, from the sky rgb output, all well and good. Sky+ has this nice thing where you can schedule playback of multiple programmes to spit out to dvd, so that's fine. It just works, great.
But it also does divx playback, which bloody rules too, cos the xbox was always a bit faffy for the wife n kids to use. This you just shove a dvd with divx's on it, it brings a menu up and plays em. Worked flawlessly on everything I've tried it with so far.
It's also got dv input (firewire), so I can plug me vidcam in and write that shit straight to dvd, it'll even do titles and chapters and shit, nice. Means the wife can write dvd's from the cam without using my pc, woot.
Then it's got a usb port, it'll take media off usb memory. It's 1.1 only, and doesn't seem to work with my big maxtor, but it takes stuff off smartmedia just fine, ace for quicly putting camera pics up on the telly.
It's got inputs and outputs galore, component, progressive scan, rgb, svid, all that shit. And its really thin, slinky and quiet. Very chuffed with it.


  1. Does it allow you to pull (or push) files across a network?

  2. No, it doesn't have a network connection.