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Monday 28 October 2002

Does constructive criticism work? [lurks]

I'm currently doing my big weekly shop at Given I live in London, don't have a car and it's only a fiver to deliver as much as I can order - this is possibly the best thing about the Net to date. However, I noticed that plenty of the site is broken. It's simple stuff, they've got searches targeting the top frame leaving you with no navigation and broken javascript.

So I dropped them an e-mail and told them about all the stuff that's broken. I've done this before on on-line retailers, most recently Insight and with them I got a good response back agreeing with my points. Mind you, most of them ignore me and I'm pretty sure Tescos will. Does anyone else do this sort of stuff?


  1. We use tesco direct all the time. However, not via the web interface. There's a CD you can get hold of with an access database that synchronises with the stock at your local branch. The interface has it's own quirks but is generally better / faster than the web interface & is better for isdn pe0ns like me :)

  2. Shit, that sounds cool. You just leech0r this from the site somewhere?

  3. Well I um met one of the coding team of the Tesco site thru the parentcraft classes and I said 'no disrespect but it's um very clunkycompared to Sainsbury's web based nicely leet site' and the bloke said'don't tell me anything about the Tesco site - it's totally fucked -we couldn't believe they let it go live'.

    I use Sainsburys natch.


  4. I had a poke around the site and it's not mentioned at all. Isn't it odd they don't provide it for download?

  5. It's the sainsburystoyou site you see.......

  6. Yeah, I'll burn it & mail you

  7. Well I tried the app. It fired up asking for a customer id, have no idea what this is. It's nowhere to be found anywhere on On a hunch re-registered and it gave me an id. Put this in and it insists on using dial-up networking to connect to the Internet.So I don't rate this remotely I have to say, utterly useless.

    Based on Am's recommendation, I gave Sainsbury's To You a whirl. Very impressive web. Fast, no errors, all worked very nicely. Pricing seems about the same although delivery is a bit more restrictive, a few 'booked out' zones already.Now we'll just see on Friday how the stuff is that I ordered. Plenty of stuff from the deli to stress them out :)

    I've just received my first order from Sainsbury. The chap that delivered it was very helpful, talking me through the order and the substituitions and what to do if anything was wrong. So far nothing bogus, sensible subs, nothing left out. Indeed they appear to have given us two bags of potatoes instead of one (which is on the receipt). So far a big thumbs up for Sainsburys, I guess we know why booking a delivery slot is harder than Tescos!

  8. In my search for the best online groceries, I'm now looking at ASDA. I performed the acid test and found that a 115g jar of Vegemite costs 98p on them compared to £1.19 at Sainsburys and £1.14 at Tescos. Delivery is also only £3.50 and it's free if you buy over £99 and rightly so! I like the web too, it's clean and fast.

    Has anyone tried them?