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Monday 21 October 2002

Translocator - Good or bad [pod]

Suit, Am and I played a game of bombing run last night.I didn't find it perticularly fun to be honest. I used to enjoy it alot but recently people have been using the translocator alot. Now, I'm no big fan of the translocator anyway but I'm happy to accept it has its uses. However people are realising that you can throw the ball and then translocate after it. This allows people to essentailly bypass defences. You can't be caught since the only way to be caught is for the defenders to translocate after you thus stopping them from fireing. A bit catch 22.

Now I argued that this ruins the teamplay aspect since it gives far more power to the individual. I feel the best bits of bombing run are protecting the ball carrier and providing passing options. These are lost when the team can't keep up with the ball carrier (again unless they translocate too thus losing their ability to fire and thus protect).

Now people arguee that all you do is fire where the translocator lands and they get hurt coming out. However, I find the guns to be far too weedy to kill them in this manner, even with little or no armour. All the powerful weapons take time to reach their target by which time the ball carrier is long gone.

I think that the translocator would be better if the speed of the 'target disc' was the same speed as the player. Ie. useful for getting to high places but not allowing players to move faster accross a map.

Anyway, what are your thoughts. For or against and why?


  1. They toned it down a bit and that was the right thing to do but it's not tone down anywhere near enough. Interestingly the maps seem to work fine with the translocator off, maybe it should be tried on Snatch for a bit.

  2. I know exactly what you are saying. A few of us played last week and werecompletely owned by one player who was very good with the locator. Thisruined the game, not just for the loosing team, but also for his team mateswho were basically surplus to requirements. We were joined by a couple thatwere as good and so levelled the field, until that happened though it was byfar the worst game i'd had.

    Personally I feel Bombing run could easily do without the translocator(apart from some items being out of reach). Some of the best moments I'vehad have been escorting the ball carrier to the goal. Your 'Disk Speed' Ideasounds cool, a thought I had would be to disable the translocator for a setamount of time after having carried the ball, say 5 seconds.

    I have to admit that Telefragging an opponent is by far the biggest insultaround.

  3. I'm not so sure myself. It's required for some levels, getting up to shields, getting the redeemer etc. Also, if we play a lot with it off, we're only going to get pooned on servers with it on, best get used to it I say.

  4. True to some extent but:

    After throwing the ball, the thower still has to switch to the tranny, just as you do. If you're anywhere near him you're therefore on an even footing.

    The shock rifle can be useful here. Primary fire can nudge people off course, thereby denying them the ball.

    Team tactics need to develop for this gametype. At the moment people are by the large playing school playground standard. e.g. 'Everyone rush after the ball' mode. People need to get used to different roles as they have for CTF. E.g. would you still punt if the ball was going straight to the opposition defence? Yank footy comparision fits niceley here.

    I used to loathe the tranny in UT1, though it seems they've done a better job with it in ut2k3. I think I've resigned my self to the fact that it's just a unique feature of UT and because it's different, it's not necessarily bad. As long as we don't see the eploitation of it without counter that we did in UT then it's OK. They could play with lengthening the charge time though.

    We have a server that we can turn it off on :)

  5. Absolutely, the TL needs crippling in BR and toning down in DM/CTF etc.

    A mutator to reduce it to perhaps two uses in a minute would be welcome, and AFAIK mutators aren't hard to write.