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Friday 25 October 2002

German nick thieves [lurks]

Lame Germans at it again.

#primenraum rebot H@ halt

Some tosspot kraut scumbag has this Eggdrop set up to use the nick of Rebot and join this IRC channel that never has anyone in it. It's called 'der rebot halt' as well. On a net split sometimes this guy will grab the nick and rebot doesn't have very good code for dealing with its nick being taken. In particular there's no code to try get back the nick and I don't really have time to work out how to do it.

What we need is an IRCop to K line this fucker...


  1. The same thing has happened with my nick, some git has nicked it and seemingly never logs off. :(

    Q should have been designed as a nickserv in the first place.

  2. I'll have a chat with an IRCop and see what I can get done. If it's purely there to fuck up Rebot because some kraut is bitter at us over something, then I'm sure it'll be k-lined.

  3. Right, I've put some code in Rebot that *might* work. It should try to get the nick back every time polled events occur but seeing as that's at 60 second intervals, that's not going to be successful against a determined nick thief.

  4. I don't know much about how rebot works, but what about a nick timer via mirc?

  5. I canned that stupid comment and the followups.It appears that 'N1ght^z' is the owner. Someone diplomatic (Slim) should try have a word.*** Quits: rebot ( (cro (choose a different nickname- this one's in use)))Cheers cro!