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Friday 18 October 2002

NOLF2 [spiny]

Got NOLF2. It's really, really good. No, realy, realy, realy. GOTY material with out a doubt. Fantastic. I started to do a bigger blog, but I'll just go on and on. Just get it. That is all.

-- Cheers :-) [EED]SpinyNorman


  1. I'm really really enjoying it. Suit isn't, but he's a mong. It's got a lot of stealth in it, so avoid if you didn't like the stealthy bits in the first game. But it's a far better game overall than the first. Definately one of my favourites this year so far too.

  2. Don't listen to them, its not great at all. Its not bad as such, but theres nothing really new in it and I didn't find one 'wow' moment in the first 4 or so levels.Enemy AI is just daft.. After pinning a guard to a wooden door with a crossbow bolt through the head, the last thing you expect is for their fellow guard to walk over and spend a few minutes asking if they're okay and prodding them.. You can easily exploit that particular AI by killing one guard in a open area and wait till every other local guard slowely walks over and goes through the motions, prodding a steadly increasing pile of dead bodiesits not a _bad_ game. Don't get me wrong now, they've done a decent job.. theres just nothing particularly new there. I just expect a bit more of FPS storymode games now

    If your stuck for something to play... sure, give it a go. But don't expect too much

  3. The enemies are a bit dim on the first level, the only one suit clearly bothered to play before writing the whole game off as duff. Later on, they get a bit more paranoid about seeing dead bodies on the floor.Nothing new? Depends what you want. I like the stealth, I like the way there's multiple ways of completing the missions, and I really like the skill system that allows you to improve different areas of kates abilities.

  4. In fairness, my experiance of the game, before assigning it to the bin, comprised of the first two 'areas'.. not sure if you can class them as levels as such as it seems to 'zone' into new areas every 5minutes. Thats a fair few hours worth of gaming.. and the considered opinion is it wasn't worth investing anymore time in

  5. There's some genuinely funny bits in the game, that really take you by surprise, i'll not spoil em for anyone by describing them, but they're good. There's also some fairly interesting enemies later on too.

  6. it should be noted that slim was always going to love this game never mind the fact that the gameplay sucks. a) It has oriental chicks in it, b) The hero of the show who you play is a bird.. those two points alone would keep his interest if nothing else

  7. Suit:'comprised of the first two 'areas'.. .. and the considered opinion is it wasn't worth investing anymore time in'

    The same was said about JK2 levels before the lightsabre. That game was also ace. Things have to be a bit easy at first for the pe0ns anyway :)

    Now all we need is a Japanese-katana-chick/Cate Archer lovemod :)