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Thursday 24 October 2002

EEDTV [slim]

TV sucks these days, no innovation. How about these toptastic ideas for new shows:


  1. How about a game show, where 15 18 year old chicks take turns at riding me in sequence, could call it 15 on 1

    Or how about a show where I get ten foxy young babes, and I shag em all, when each one complains about a sore fanny, she gets knocked out, call it 'The weakest pink'

    Oooh ooh, how about a show, where the contestants bring in a bag of their favourite sex toys, and i russle up a sexual position with each of them, the audiance hold up cards voting on the best orgasm, call it 'ready steady fuck'

    Or how about a show, where i get these fit chicks, strip em naked and straddle them with my chuff right in their faces. Call it 'Starfish In Their Eyes'

    I'd watch this: how about a show, where three girls are lying down, with a panel accross their wasts so you can't see their faces, i come along and lick their twats, and then choose one. 'Blind Ate'

  2. Who really said this? Slim isn't funny so it obviously wasn't him.


  3. How about a topical beastiality show whereby farmers talk about their sexual fantasies by playing them out on sheep on air, called 'Ewes-night'


  4. Myself and another take a virgin and a fridged girl and introduce them to the joys of sex in 'Can't Fuck, Won't Fuck'

  5. How about a fly-on-the-wall documentary where known tv presenters and other famous peeps talk about their cocrophiliac tendencies and fantasies - 'Celebrity Shit Club'

  6. How about a show where I walk into a lasses room while she's asleep and give her some pork length, called "Late Night Poke-her"

    I like that kv! A variation, you get a bunch of a list foxy celebs to all line up and masturbate, last one standing wins, called 'celebrety frap club'

  7. 10 male contestants locked in a maximum security prison. They get kicked out as they lose their rectal virginity - 'Big Bubba'

  8. How about an early morning program where a dozen blokes lie in bed hiding under the duvets while a very foxy chick walks around and chooses one based on the size of his tentpole called 'Wood Morning'