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Friday 25 October 2002

UT2K3 snails [lurks]

OK folks, I'm going to throw this one open since maybe someone has some suggestions on what it is. Basically my video performance in UT2k3 is bloody dire. I've got a Athlon XP 2100+ (equiv, it's an OC) and a 64MB GeForce 3 ti500 rig. It's running XP, an upgrade rather than a fresh install. Inside I get stonking framerates with everything switched off (all the graphics options) and with stuff set to 'low'.

The game is playable in the main but outside it's a farce. One map, DM-Inferno I think, chugs so much that my controls and sound stutters. Stuff clearly aint right. So what the hell can it be? I'm running the 40.41 Detonators. I've tried the latest 30.x ones but they seem even slower. I can't run anything higher than 40.41 because the advanced properties tab just crashes with a run dll error.

That in itself is puzzling because I do the full uninstall drivers before reinstall. I've no idea what the fuck is going on there or how to fix it. There used to be apps to remove all traces of old drivers but there's nothing that works on modern drivers as far as I know.

I've even tweaked a bunch of stuff in the .ini file as per a couple of tips guides on speeding up frame rates.


  1. You tried running it with sound disabled? I know its unlikely.. but its not impossible that its that side of things creating the overhead

  2. Solution, uninstall Ut2k3 and play a good game. Ut2k3 sucks piss :)

  3. Since upgrading to a GF4 Ti4200 on budget recently, I get that advanced properties tab crash on anything over the 28x detonators. Very annoying. Using 30.x I'm getting good frame rates in UT, but as you say, I can't seem to remove all traces of drivers. Even going back to 28.x detonators doesnt solve my problem with advanced properties crashing (a problem with the desk.cpl file IIRC) which is a tad annoying.

  4. Holy cow, I found this on Google Groups, it just may bea solution. End of the thread, this guy has exact problems as I dowith 40.72 and someone made an app to remove these parts of 30.x whichcrash the properties page even if you do the add/remove programsroute.Yes! It works! Didn't work by reading the instructions of the guy who wrote it, I just installed the Det 40.72s and THEN run the app. Didn't even need to reboot, the properties page works! Now let's see what performance is like...

  5. Turning off hardware sound for creative cards improves things supposedly. Model detail should probably be set to low for gf3/r8500 cards. And shadows off. Mistral had probs until he updated to the latest beta via 4 in 1s.

    The biggest problem with UT at the moment is the admins that set crap map cycles. 16 players on 1v1 maps can be fun for 5 mins but quickly descends into button mashing.

  6. I do hope thats not aimed at anyone inparticular Spiny ;P Would be handy if one of the UT2k3 junkies suggested a map rotation for the server.. couple of them just have to go, the slaughterhouse springs to mind immediately. I think its safe to say it'll stick as a bombing run server as it seems quite popular, so BR maps only please :)

  7. OK I got a few more frames out of Det 40.72s.I upped my AGP to 4X, tweaked some other settings. Sound going to software mode did indeed give me a slight extra boost as well, nice one Spiny. It's kinda acceptable now.Can you guys do me a favor and try DM-Inferno? That thing is still seriously 30fps in a good part on my rig!

  8. I've had ut on Hardware +eax mode. Now I've got a soundblaster audigy. I thought the idea was that these cards were meant to be powerful enough to do this stuff by themselves?

    Oh and I've also noticed that after a while the 3d sound tends to go wrong if I'm in hardware mode. So I generally have it off anyway.

  9. Here's a nice tweak guide which looks pretty cool.