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Thursday 24 October 2002

I have a Dream [spiro]

A few of us have just been talking in channel about companies we'd like to run. Just thought I'd share my 'if won the lottery' idea. Now to be honest its a bit odd because A) I dreamt it and B) its clan related and when I start dreaming about you lot I worry.

So to the Dream/idea: Welcome to Bar EED, a gentlemen's club, not for the usual rabble you get in pubs and clubs but an exclusive members only place. The main Bar will be called 'Bar Amnesia' and the champagne/cocktail lounge will be know as 'Brit's End'. A restaurant proving food of the best quality named 'Slim's Diet'.

A games room will be attached with not only a LAN, but with all the normal bar games, snooker, pool, card tables etc. A small arcade room (sound proofed) with all the classic games you could want. A 100 seat cinema showing the latest releases with a small bar located at the top so no need to leave the room for more drink.

To allow those who don't want to consume large amounts of alcohol Bar EED will provide a selection of 'Pod Beverages' these will cover all drinks which do not constitute a mans drink. For example alcopops shall be know as alco-pods, Coca Cola will become Pod Cola.

The delights of the pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage area with be available to all members. The option of a scrubbing girl/boy can be obtained for a small fee (free to founder members)

The basement will contain 'Floyd's Place' and 'Jammin Jay's' 2 night clubs with different styles of music, these areas will not only be stocked with attractive single women but will also be open to the public via a side entrance. Access for the public will be strictly monitored allowing only beautiful people in.

Now I'm not sure if I want to provide special rooms upstairs to cater for the more carnal desires. But should I include this, it would be 'Saucy Spiro's' for straight, 'Suits Closet' for gay and 'Beej's Dream' for, well what ever.

Shame dreams don't come true.........

Anyone else have a dream or possibly something that may actually happen or do you have additions to my dream ?


  1. And an older Blog on the same subject had plenty of interesting stuff (including what I'd do).

  2. Thats the old 'if i won the lottery Conversation' This is about dreams you have. Just because mine had me winning the lottery in it doesn't make it the same.Although I have started it with the 'If I won the lottery' but it was supposed to be about dreams people have.

  3. Yes like err, the bit you have in the first paragraph. Still, I'm up for a bar EED. The only thing is that it'd need teleporters to Leafy Lane, The Stix where half our guys live.

  4. It's probably the finest idea ever. Literally.

    I would suggest that the entire establishment has a currencydenominated in 'L' or Lurklire. At my estimate there are200,000,000 Lurklire to the pound so a decent litre of beerwould cost you approximately LL1 billion. This shouldquieten the italians and simultaneously give this environment thegravitas it requires. An obvious bonus result of this necessitywould be that we would have the only bar in the world which wouldcharge you into the trillions for a methusalah of champagne *8)

  5. Skeeve correctly points out that the clan bar bill could push back the boundaries of mathmatics on this basis. As a result I appoint Spiro Professor of Theoretical Mathmatics