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Tuesday 22 October 2002

UT2K3 Console Commands [spiro]

Just incase some of you don't know, here is a short list of a few UT2K3 console commands Full list here


Adminlogin (password) Logs admin onto server

Adminlogout (password) Logs off admin

Admin switchlevel (mapname?game=gametype?mutator=mutator) Changes server to specific map/gametype/mutator

Admin Kick (playername) Kicks Player from the server

Admin Kickban (playername) Bans Player from the server


Mem stat Show Windows memory usuage

Stat all Displays all stats

stat audio Shows audio stats

Stat fps Shows average and current frames per second

Stat game Displays game stats

Stat hardware Shows hardware stats

Stat net Displays net stats (ping etc)

Stat none Removes stat displays

Stat render Displays rendering stats


  1. On the former stuff, it's often easier to alt-tab to a browser and use the web interface. Typing some of the dumb characters in names was a pain trying to use the rcon console in the original UT.

  2. Nice tip, but for some reason i'm unable to access the web interface. All I get is page cannot be displayed.

  3. Mutators mmm. I like instagib with slomo cadavers :)

  4. You need /ServerAdmin on the URL or you will get that.

  5. Insta-gib sucks ass.. any of the other mods worth adding?

  6. I wouldn't worry about those, a few times the server has basically dropped packets for everyone so much that the server empties. I'm talking 5-10 seconds of lost gametime, then everyone appears somewhere at random and it's fine for a bit again. Could be like the original UT and require a reboot from time to time or is the box busy or something?

  7. The other mutators maybe used from time to time, but for the moment just bog standard BR is cool. Tried BR instagib last night, incredibly difficult. Just as you think your about to score - ZAP, and your blood stains the snowy landscape pink. At the end of full time we had no score so it went into sudden death, in the end I quit.

  8. any chance you can send me some more detailed results of the connectivity probs your getting lurks? Outside the game itself would be handy, like traceroutes or ping runs with packetloss. Is anyone else having the same sort of problem? Nobody in the channel of late seems to be reporting any probs. Its most bizare

  9. I get fairly minor packet loss to it most of the time. It pings just fine but game packets get dropped. The stuff I described above wasn't just me, it was the entire server. Eventually everyone left, it was 11:30. 10-20 seconds of server death for everyone, then it'd be OK for another few minutes.