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Monday 28 October 2002

The Ickle dilemma [lurks]

After Codeplay went bust, I picked up a couple of PCs from them cheap. One was a regular desktop which I rigged up for a chum of mine and another was a dinky little box which I purpose-built at Codeplay to act as the key server for the software Codeplay produced. I basically found a tiny little desktop case which was incredibly well made, proper steel with a tiny AOpen PSU.

I slapped in one of those PC Chips all-in-one micro ATX mobos, rounded it off with a 1GHz Athlon a 20GB FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) Seagate drive, 256mb of memory in two sticks and that's about it. There's no floppy, no CD-ROM. In fact on the CD/DVD side - the Micro ATX mobo sits the CPU quite a ways forwards and is actually in the way of a full depth CD-ROM/DVD drive so that if I put one in it would poke half an inch out the front of the case. Doesn't bother me but might bother someone else.

Anyhow, I was going to replace my Shuttle SV24 system, Wench, with it because it'd be damn easy to make it silent. All I need to do is replace the silly little 60mm fan on the el-cheapo coolermaster HSF really. In particular I wanted to obtain some decent TV out as well but I think I've cracked that with that MPEG4 card I discussed earlier.

The issue with this dinky little desktop case is that it's slim-line and therefore the PCI slots are 'low profile'. I cannot easily find a place that will sell a low profile firewire card which I'd need for Wench's external storage. On the bright side, it has an AGP slot and crap loads of nvidia cards are low-profile factor. Not that it even appears to needs replacing, the KM133 integrated video TV-out is good.

Audio/LAN is all on board etc. There's room for another drive in the case for a 'phat' one and it's got a couple of PCI slots - you just need 'low profile' cards and to remove the brackets.

So what do I do with this machine, anyone want it? It's an ace little server, preinstalled with Win2K on it so far. Doesn't seem very floggable on EBay? I suppose the correct course of action is to try harder to find a low-profile firewire card and replace Wench and then EBay the Shuttle. Hmm.


  1. How big's the Audigy soundcard? They have firewire ports on.

  2. Found a low-profile one that Dabs has, it's about a tenner too!

  3. Latest update: I put my Athlon 1GHz AXIA chip in it, it had a Duron.Put in a much quieter fan on the CPU, noise is now quite acceptable.It's now got an ultra el-cheapo firewire card in it and I even managedto slot in a DVD drive which doesn't poke out the front of the case.

    However I must have been smoking some crack at some stage because itdoesn't have TV out. Had I realised that, I wouldn't have botheredwith all of this. I can't afford to put in a vid card with TV-out.Bah! I may as well start swapping Wench over to it anyway, that'sgonna be fun given all the apps and services on it. First stop, someold version of MDaemon...

  4. If this update goes up, then it's all working pukka on Ickle - Rebot has moved!A strange though though, when I put the 1GHz AXIA Athlon in - it ran very hot. Too hot for the piss weak little HSF I put on it and it crashed after a couple and could not be revived. I put the Duron 1GHz back in and it runs quite cool. I guess the Athlon must be an older fab process that generates more heat.

  5. u said you were eleminating your old sv24, i desperately need a replacement sv24 motherboard, and am willing to pay a reasonable ammount for it, email me

  6. This was over two years ago... Google isn't doing us any favors guys :-)