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Sunday 13 October 2002

popstars: bloodsport? [slim]

Good clean entertainment for the kids or old fashioned gladiator style bloodsports?


  1. The original popstars thing had a fly on the wall audtion thing, followed by some documentary style bits that followed the success of the band. You know what that taught the TV execs? That we don't want to see success, the final part of the show flopped, and so did the band.
    This new popstars programme is designed to give us exactly what we want. The middle aged, average looking, talentless TV audience get to watch young, attractive, highly talented people get kicked right where it hurts: in their hearts.
    This time, the entertaining pain of the dreamshattering auditions isn't enough, this time we get ten whole weeks of destroying these hopes just when they think they might finally make it. We get them oh so close to what they want, they're an arms reach away from it, only to gun them down right before the end. And the death is getting slower and slower, it took a good five mins for devina to painfully extract the poor loser out of the weeping group tonight, poor sod.
    It's bloody primitive that isn't it? I suppose on the flipside it's giving these folks a chance to get on the telly that they'd probably never had on their own, but christ, it's hard earned isn't it?


  2. It just seems that so much entertainment is based on cruelty. As a particulary unattractive and untalanted bloke approaching middle age, I can see the attraction of knocking hell out of the bright eyed super young, but it's getting a bit much to see them slowly tortued in this fashion.
    Did anyone see the supermodel version? That was right down to the base line, "you're ugly, your out".Anyone name good entertainment on tv not based on cruelty? Ready steady cook - laugh at the ineptness of the stars cooking. DIY SOS - laugh and point at how useless people are at home improvements. Changeing rooms - laugh at how boring peoples homes are AND how awful they look after the designer make over.
    Millionare - delight in the guy that loses all that money (it wouldn't be popular if they won the million more frequently I'll bet). Eastenders - pretty much all misfortune for the cast, not a happy story in it.

  3. I saw the first model one, loved it to bits. All i wanted to be was a judge on that show, 'Sod off you're BUTT ugly' :-)Friends of mine came up with the idea of 'Monkey Wars' its a bit like robot wars but with monkeys. Take 2 monkeys, attach weapons and chuck them in a small room together.

  4. wasn't that done on some sitcom with tortoises? Seem to remember they had powertools strapped to their back