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Sunday 23 November 2003

Christmas Party: 12th December [vagga]

Right fuck0rs,
The Christmas party date is now *final* as teeth has left the mmorpg of the week in his netcafe in temple bar and booked a flight for the proposed date, Friday the 12th of December.
That date will now not be moved, so put friday 12th in your diary, and the 13th written off with a hangover :)
Did some recon with a small advance team in Chinatown last night and think we have found somewhere good. Good food, asian people eating in there, dead things in the window and a downstairs where we can cause total havok away from 'real' people :)
Only problem is that I did not take contact details for it, but its cool I will be in that vague area over the weekend.
What we need now is names of people who are going!
Right now we have:
ME! Teeth Shinji Lurks Brit Spiro
C'mon you slack fucks :)
We need a firm number so we can a) book the place and b) so I can get started booking the secret santa!!!


  1. The place you described sounds like wong kei. I'll be there of course.

  2. Stick old Dave down.

  3. wong kei - lol, thats EED all over init :)

  4. Interestingly i'm on a xmas pissup at lunchtime somewhere near Vauxhall that day so it will either work out perfectly and I will be able to meet you or I'll be on a cocaine fuelled roasting session in a whorehouse by then and I'll miss it!

  5. argh, would be nice woudnt it :)

  6. Much as I would like to enthrall you all with my presence, I am afraid I shall be several thousand miles around the world at the time. Bah. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, eh? :)