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Thursday 20 November 2003

Time to take the gloves off? [brit]

I really think it's time to take the gloves off.
Today, terrorists attacked UK interests abroad in the most direct and tragic way; bombing both the HSBC HQ and the British Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Twenty five people were killed and hundreds injured, including the British Consul General who died when two Consulate annexes were completely destroyed.
This is the latest in a long line of observably escalating, well co-ordinated, and well financed attacks against (to this point) predominantly American assets. The terrorists have now extended their reach, and in the last month have attacked everything from troops attempting to fix Iraqi power lines, to the International Red Cross.
To me, alls I can see happening is an acceleration of terrorist activity, matched only by increased rhetoric and SKY coverage on our side. It's time to take the gloves off, and take this 'war' to the morons who think they're protected by some divine right to carry on like this.


  1. Today military forces counterattacked intelligence centers belonging to the occupying force.
    Ho Hum... :)

  2. Yes, these are nasty people. Well spotted. How do you suggest we 'take the gloves off'? Invade Afghanistan, perhaps?

  3. Good thinkin! Do you happen to have their addresses? Or do you want to pick out a random middle eastern country and invade it? Best pick one with some decent natural assets of course, be daft to spend all that money on a war unless you get something in return now?

  4. As long as reason is given to bear a grudge, terrorism will exist. It exists because power vacuums are created when a group of people is willing to commit money to a cause that is hurting another nation.
    In the same way that warfare has evolved over hundreds years, it's just evolving again - terrorism is the latest symptom

  5. Predictable short sighted thinking from our resident rezidents, but let me point out two facts.
    Firstly, these are attacks against international institutions (the Red Cross and HSBC) which are not part of any conflict; I actually acknowledge that the Consulate was a legitimate target insofar as 'striking back' is concerned. However, the escalation to effectively attacking an investment bank and major loyal employer signifies an upping of the ante which will I suspect lead to targets being picked on the UK mainland.
    Secondly, let's be clear that the fundamentalists behind these attacks cannot be and will not be reasoned with; that's the whole fundamentalist charm for you. They want the eradication of the evil Westerner scum, and they'll not stop until it's done. Allah (or someone equally peaceful) told them so, see?

  6. Thats great.. but wtf do you want to do about it? Just saying 'let wipe the ragheads out' isn't exactly constructive. We know the terrorists are scum, but the idea that you can solve the problem via force kinda leads me to belive we're not the only 'short sighted' people in this blog..

  7. You'd hope the local authorities/military would sort this stuff out. We cannot afford to operate military-style security at every British interest and consulate in the world...

  8. Uh, if two big nations rape a 3rd, then its hardly an escalation when a couple of buildings gets blown up. Kitchen - heat - stay out. You aint a terrorist just because you dont have the cash for a carrier filled with jets.