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Thursday 20 November 2003

Ooops..I'm in CoD heaven... [houmous]

Di just came home. IÂ’m sitting in front of PC, open bottle of bubbly on my left, tub of houmous with bits of toast sticking out of it on my right, DEEPLY engrossed in CoD (Stalingrad level). Hello she says. Hello I say, but I am of course unable to turn or move my head in any sign of recognition due to heavy sniper activity.
You fucking bastard she says, you can’t even turn round and look at me! I hate that! And with that she storms out the house again – result! An extended evening playing CoD!
Thank you God!


  1. Course you know she's gone to fuck your best mate?

  2. Just tell me when I should send her home.

  3. Take your time, while CoD is a very short game, when you crank up the difficulty levels it can take FOREVER to get past some points.