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Thursday 20 November 2003

Christmas Party [vagga]

Right so; lets get things started with the Christmas party! I have been given a mission from god to organise it this year. My primary reason is a selfish one, as I have not been at the last two as they have been on bad dates for me. So IÂ’m picking the date this time to suit me and fuck the rest of you :)
So the provisional date picked out of the sky is Friday 12th of December. If anyone has a big problem with this speak now or forever hold it! Remember for the last few years we have been unable to get a date to keep everyone happy...
(I must point out that personally I canÂ’t do much later as IÂ’m going to America for Christmas on the Friday after that)
For the venue IÂ’m proposing Chinatown, for the singular reason I have not been there in a while! ItÂ’s also handy as they can always take big groups of loud bastards :)
Comments? Suggestions for changes?


  1. Chinatown is a good choice, plus there's the spectre of 'at the table' karaoke. Note however that you need to a) book a reputable one that won't give you either food poisoning or fried toenails and b) will give you a set menu or sort a set menu for a given price; being touristy, they'll hammer you for gazillions if you're not careful.

  2. Finalise the date as soon as you can mate, so I have a chance of getting a flight without being owned on ticket price..

  3. teeth: ryanair have a dirt cheap fare sale on now from Dublin to London or Paris. They pay you a pound to fly :)

  4. Good for me. Can we have one that is entirely populated by fit little Chinese birds?In little red Christmas miniskirts.

  5. Right, I'm booking a flight now. Coming over on the 12th in the afternoon and leaving on the 13th in the evening. So don't change the date. :P

  6. I second Lurkers last comment

  7. With fluffy white hems on the skirts.