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Thursday 13 November 2003

Donnie Darko [floyd]

Can someone please explain what the fuck this movie was about!!!! Come on Mat, this sounds like your bag!!


  1. Seemed like a sort of post-Columbine look at teenaged fantasy psychosis. I can't quite remember it, it was a little abstract but I remember liking it. Here's what IMDB says.

  2. The secret to enjoying movies is to not always try to see the literal meaning in them - imagine if you always felt the need to do the same with pictures you looked at in galleries etc.
    A perfect example of this is David Lynch - the maker of many fine movies that no one will ever understand - if you try and find logic, for example, in a lady 6 inches high in a grass skirt dancing behind a radiatior ( Eraserhead) you are going to give yourself a headache!
    A movie, just like a picture or sculpture, is simply an assault on the senses, lean back, let it wash over you and enjoy!
    Oh by the way - its about a big rabbit innit!

  3. I dont really agree with ya here. I thought the film was excellent and after the credits rolled off I was stilled thinking about it and since watching it the plot is still on my mind. Personal taste and all that but I think that makes a winner of a film!! I've stopped watching the film, it only lasted a couple of hours but it has started a new train of thought for the week ahead. I think the film is done well enough that it deserves to be understood.

  4. In fairness, movies are more like books than they are stand alone peices of art. One doesn't mind looking at a picture and not understanding exactly what it's about for the few seconds you gaze at it. Sitting through a couple of hours of movie, one might reasonably expect to know what the fuck was going on. :)
    Although, for every movie which is a little difficult to follow - there's 10,000 yank movies where every possibly thing is explained in excrutiating child-like detail just in case some redneck doesn't 'get it' and decides to open fire in the middle of the cinema.

  5. Fucked up kid goes mad and a plane falls on his house. There you go.

  6. Get the Donnie Darko Book from any bookstore, which has the screenplay, writer interview and Grandma Death's book - it pretty much explains everything in the film and reveals just how wonderfully inventive it is. It's far more subtle than it first seems, exploring the physical and metaphorical issues of time travel and death. When you discover why Donnie is laughing at the end it's far more haunting than first seems...

  7. 'Bookstore'? Where did that come from? Are you American?

  8. I take it back as its been considered inappropriate

  9. Gah, just get the book, dammit! ;-)