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Tuesday 4 November 2003

e-doctors? [lurks]

I'm sick right now. The details I wont bore you with but it's a combination of a flu and asthma which makes it really quite difficult to breath. I'm currently having some medication assessed and a new visit booked to see how it's getting on. While I was looking at the doctor file my details in a little opened ended card holder thinggy, it made me realise how backwards they are. They haven't even got patience records computerised yet but there was talk of it not so long ago?
Anyhow, I was thinking also - imagine what a boon it would be if you could actually just e-mail your doctor.

Hello Dr Shipman,
Killed any old ladies lately? Anyhow, it hurts when I pee and last night I fucked a tramp, do you think it's connected? I'm hoping it will go away but so you think I should come in to see you?

I wonder if you can sign up with a private practise to get that kind of service? I mean, you wouldn't treat it as an emergency thing and wouldn't expect a prompt reply but there's plenty of cases where you want a quiet word but you're not going to haul your ass down to the surgery to waste everyone's time.
Right now, I'd quite like to e-mail my doctor and mention that there's been no change in my peak-flow measurement (measurement of lung capacity) even after all the drugs, should I give it until our next scheduled appointment to kick in or is a day enough to tell this isn't working?
I think more accessible heath professionals would be pretty darn cool. Of course there probably is a private quack offering this but since it'd cost a mint and my regular NHS surgery is literally across the road, it's not something I'd realistically do. But there must be others who think along the same lines?


  1. But Tonee has invented the wonderful NHS 24, is that circular system not enough for you! By god the public are impossible to please.
    Can you not call the surgery with that info, they pass to doc and he can ring back via his Secretary. I'm pretty sure our doc does that.

  2. As with anything in the NHS, that electronic patient record system is turning into a complete nightmare.
    Further, there's no way doctors would communicate with you by email - they're not allowed to send any details via that method.

  3. Well there's netdoctors that already do. They are allowed. The GMC moaned a bit but didn't ban it as I recall. It's not like they're sending medical details either, just offering advice. Surely it would be more efficient, could save some visits and it could also get people into the surgery quicker when it's actually required (IE Doc tells you to come in).
    At the end of the day, I think it's a bit of a no brainer and I reckon it will happen eventually. Otherwise some fucker could just set up shop in India and do it - which would be worse as they wouldn't have your proper medical records but hey.