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Thursday 6 November 2003

Sky+ [lurks]

Right, this Sky+ thing. I've decided I want it. Firstly, for those that don't know, it's basically a combination of a quad-LNB on your satellite dish (so it can pull off 4 different signals/channels - for Sky+ you just use two, the extra is for spare digiboxs) and a new flash digibox with personal video recorder (PVR) features. It's particularly nifty because it records the MPEG2 stream directly to HD so playback is exactly the same quality.
I've decided I want it because I'm paying all this money for TV but I keep missing the shows, the only reason I'm bloody subscribing! I'm still on some ninja stupid package with all the movies and sports for £38 a month. Given their promotion, this worked out at me paying the £199 for the box, £1 for installation and then downgrading to a £33 a month package and still getting everything I want.
Only I hit a snag while ordering. My aerial is right on the top of the house (3 floors) and they need to change the LNB, one of the questions on the web ordering form caught me out and wants me to call a number to arrange it whereupon they'll charge me £50 install. Sucks.
I'm still of a mind to do it all really. I like the idea of just getting it to record all West Wings, Jools Holland laters, specific music shows on MTV2 and crap like that. I could play them back when I like and even capture on Wench, as it's sat next to it (once I get a USB2 grabber...)


  1. Sky+ is very cool. It is the future. Still a tad pricey right now though. It's costing me £40 to get Sky reinstalled, which isn't bad as I was expecting BT-levels of rip-offness.

  2. Can't you get it for free or is it because you're still in contact?

  3. Auntie covers the monthly sub.
    Makes me feel a bit wary though, reminds me of dot-com expenditure...

  4. I've had Sky+ since it came out - its brilliant (shame I cant say the same for most of the content of Sky hehe) since there is no way my life style can cope with watching certain things at the same time each week.Call me anal but I set up progs I want to watch at the beginning of the week with a little help from Time Out Plugged in and then view at my leisure :-). Playback quality is first class - especially the sound.

  5. Bugger, I've just had sky installed, I should have gone for this instead. Hrm.. The adverts I saw for Sky+ were just talking about you being able to put all your fav programs into one channel, I don't remember seeing anything about a hardware solution that allows you to record stuff. Neat!

  6. That's their marketing 'tards trying to explain PVR for the plebs. I've wondered what the shit they're smoking while watching those adverts too.