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Sunday 2 November 2003

It hurts so much [floyd]

No internet connection at home until the 8th November! My god does it get any worse.


  1. Tell me about it

  2. You lot were born for dial up.You know the irony don't you? Houmous and Dr_Teeth just got broadband for the first time, today. Meanwhile Spiro, Beej and Floyd are all on modems. Heh!

  3. Beej, Teeth and Houmous now back on broadband. No blogs though of course, slack cocks!

  4. pathetic. whats next? viagra?

  5. Called Nildy accounts a while ago, had them suspend my account for my 512kbit DSL at the end of the month. Then I orders 1MBit of THE GOOD STUFF from Nildy sales for my new number/location, just had to wait for the start of the month for activation.
    1st November comes, I plug microfilter into the wall and turn on the router. Per-pow, here I am bitches, no re-config necessary even though I've moved house :)
    No invoice yet. Presumably this is the mail strike in effect. Twatting postmen.

  6. Still no fucking net connection....fucking 8th of fucking november!!!!I shall hopefully see you lot at Newbury. On a side note can someone tell me how lame it would be to just turn up to drink beer and eat pizza and not touch a pc?? Just wondering like, not that I would do anything soooo lame!!

  7. In the same way that we were going to see you at Janes Addiction...

  8. No mate, I was in the middle of buying a house that ended falling through a day before contracts were signed, which I explained to Am. Iwas hoping it was all going to be completed by the time the gig was happening, but it went tits up and cost me shit loads of cash.