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Friday 18 June 2004

Big Brother 5 gets violent... haha [brit]

Big Brother 5. It's like Euro 2004 or Wimbledon; it eats into TV schedules, the media gives it tonnes of coverage and at the end of the day, its truly tedious shite.
However, apparantly for the first time in BB 'history', the house erupted in violence as Victor went schitz.
I should take a moment to explain who Victor is. He's a Grade A fuckloon of the highest order, and yet that does serious disservice to fuckloonery as a whole. He's mind numbingly retarded in his outlook and social skills, and is the sort of person you'd expect to find flogging knocked off rolling tobacco outside Bejams. In short, most people's initial reaction on meeting him would be to punch him very hard in the face.
He plays the race card a lot too (he's a brutha see, who is jolly proud of his roots, and sees any criticim of him as a criticism of the black race as a whole, which is bad'n'wrong innit) and this leads him to go up against the somewhat adorable bug eyed girl from up Norf, who's name I forget but she's lovely. In short, most people's initial reaction on meeting her would be to buy her a Bacardi Breezer and run a mile.
So, here it is - about 3 minutes of entertaining nonsense from that group of assorted human gerbils we call Big Brother contestants:
Show me the violence!


  1. And will they show this footage on the telly recap tonight? Doubt it. So what's the point of watching BB? You don't see/hear any of the interesting stuff live, unless you are an all-night watching E4 loon, so everything else is censored.
    Who is being controlled by Big Brother, the fuckloons or the viewers? A-hah!
    You're much better off watching re-runs of The Prisoner on Friday nights BBC4, same idea, better execution.

  2. jesus I hate big brother..
    Came home from work the other night, and the 3 girls were looking at some bloke pretty much sleeping in a swiming pool. Not saying or doing anything. They sat there for about 30 minutes watching him do fuckall. WTF!
    I think I will just cut E4 from my TV pacakage next summer :)

  3. They cut it off. Haha. Something actually happens on Big Brother and they turn the cameras off. Genius.

  4. I like the way you slag it off as tedious shite and then demonstrate an in depth knowlege of the show!

  5. It *is* tedious shite, and since this clip (sent to me by someone at work) was involving two of the series' major players, I thought I'd bring their names and personalities to your collective attention :)

  6. Oh that's brilliant! But yes, it's crap directing not to show that stuff in the full. So.. what's going to happen now after this? It would have been amusing if they'd have had to enter the house and restrain them all!

  7. They did enter the house and restrain them all. Apparently security guards entered the house and stayed there for several hours afterwards, and a number of contestants were removed before all but one were returned.
    You can spend all day sitting up there in your various ivory towers, lampooning the low-brow peasants with your over inflated sense of intellectual superiority, but you're missing a good one this year. Lots of conflicting personalities and interesting confrontational situations.

  8. Here's a fucking hilarious Victor quote:
    'D.N.A... Dis Nigger's Attractive!'

  9. Oh please, lets not make it anything it isn't :)
    Though putting a 42 year old openly homophobic Somalian in with 2 openly gay (one very mincy) blokes was a touch of cheap genius!Still, it also seems to have resulted in so many hits to C4's webby, that it's gone down.. hahaha

  10. Don't forget there's a transexual in there too. They did show the full thing tonight, and it was so blatant that BB had tried their damndest to create a volitile situation. One stack of beer, two aggrieved gobby lasses returned after a week hearing everyone slag em off, light touch paper and boom.