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Monday 14 June 2004

do you like seafood? [brit]

Ok, a real quicky.
Do you like eating sea food? If not, why not - and if so, what's your favourite dish?
Me, I bloody love it. Gimme a lobster with fresh mayo and lemon any day of the week!


  1. Sushi addict, its all shinjis fault from all the times we went to AYA in Dublin and Yo! when we used to come over here..
    Any raw fish will do me, must have wasabi in massive pool of soy sauce, if you made me pick one I would say maguro aka tuna

  2. Fish: goodSeafood: bad
    Seafood is from lower aquatic animals, one's that look like solid snot, fish is from proper swimming things.
    Seafood is alway served with an overpowering flavour to make sure people don't realise they are eating snot.
    For example, mussels, they need lashings of garlic and white wine to disguise you are gagging down a chewy sea-knacker.
    Oysters, sweet jesus, slimy salt water in an crusty compact. They should advertise them thus:
    'If she can gag down an oyster, she's sure gonna suck your cock.'
    I like yer sushi, but they tend to be from proper fishies, men's fishies... like the rock-ard tuna or swordfish. Smothered in wasabi horseradish, of course :)
    The only one that isn't bab, are scallops, kinda like chicken...

  3. er, thankyou evil_homer - and now for the rest of us, in English? :)

  4. I'm with evil homer on this.Real fish is ace - I like them all, cod, plaice, haddock, bass, herring, kippers, tuna, salmon, whatever.Slimey things (with or without shells) just do me in - I physically cannot eat mussels or oysters (I cannot actually overcome the gag reflex) but I can manage scallops just fine.Lobster is ok, crab I don't really like, prawns are so-so.Sushi is fine, so long as it isn't bloody fish-eggs. Can't stand them, whether its little tiny caviar to huge marble sized orange eggs, they just turn my stomach.

  5. Prawns, proper fucking tiger prawns and king prawns like you get in the Southern Hemisphere. They are teh win!!!1

  6. dying and going to heaven. Plus you get a 3 hour hard on! Bliss!
    Oh and I have sushi most lunchtimes. And cod and chips are nice too!

  7. Fish and seafood are god's work both of 'em when done right. Gotta be fresh and there's no need to hide either in strong tastes if they're good. Pretty hard to beat some amazing pacific dishes (one of the top 5 meals I ever had was baby lobster in garlic butter on the pacific coast of mexico at lunch - unbelievably good). However my new gaff in Whitstable is also famous for oysters and I have to say, while an aquired taste, there's something really quite amazing about them fellas when you get used to it. We also have amazingly sweet excellent english prawns which are a different proposition from proper big prawns but very nice at it with the right accompaniment.
    I don't blame people for not liking seafood in the oyster, mussel, clam and other department. The wife took me, a couple of years ago, to Rick Stein's gaff for my 30th birthday weekend. The food in the hotel (not the restaurant) was fantastic - wonderful fish. The next night at the ('The') restaurant I had a Fruit de Mer for main. The ice under the plate was changed four times during the meal! But even for me as a hardcore seafood afficianado there was some stuff there that was fairly hardcore like long razor clams which were still raw.
    Anyway, seafood is superb done right. It can be a bit much for the squeamish on a texture basis but the taste is fantastic. If you can deal with it then it's god's food. If you can't shame on you. And if you're worried about slimy slurpin, then whichever way your crosshatch is buttered, my theory is you're probably crap in bed too :)))

  8. Kräftor! (crawfish or sommat in english) Got this big thing for those in sweden :)Prawns are nice too, but the disgusting blobs that resemble snot are out.

  9. Alfa's crap in bed! Alfa's crap in bed!Alfa's crap in bed! Alfa's crap in bed!!

  10. The thing about seafood is... when it's not cooked or kept right, boy oh boy you can get ill. Who here has been so ill on seafood that they wished they were dead?

  11. Everyone is right to some degree. Seafood is both the best of foods and the worst of foods. I've had some shocking fishy stuff that has made my stomach roll and my eyes glaze over. But I've also filled my face with some of the finest fruit de la mere until my tastebuds have declared a national day of celebration in honour of its sublime loveliness.
    Case in point, I remember sitting on a caldera rim cafe on the greek island of Santorini, gazing out over this view, sipping greek beer and munching on a plate of kalamari. Sweet dancing moses... when I shuffle off this mortal coil, and I go to my Happy Place for the rest of eternity, I reckon that I'll spend a fair old amount of it reliving that squidy meal!

  12. Shellfish poisoning is the worst evah. I remember my mum getting shellfish poisoning and just collapsing against a car and spewing everywhere. Mussels innit. My sister in law also had mussel poisoning from a restaurant where I'd recommended, errrr, the mussels. She wasn't happy harry. Not for a long time.

  13. crap in bed? wtf are you on about? i win every time, ask anyone. women are sooooo slow.

  14. Fish fucking rocks my cock. You'd think with me being an irish sea rock dweller that I'd be sorted, but it's a bit shit here sadly. The local fishing fleet is pretty much fucked, so really the only superbly fresh stuff I get is what I catch myself. That means I'm pretty much limited to Trout, Mackerel, Herring and various shit from the cod family. Very fresh is fucking good though, some nights I walk up the road to the rezzie, kill me a couple of troute and cook them half an hour later. My fave method is baked in a bit of olive oil with some cajum topping. Kippers also rock, best way I've found to cook them is jugging. You warm a tall jug, tightly pack the kippers in tail first, fill it with boiling water cover and leave for five mins. You can cook other fish this way too, its top because its impossible to overcook them this way, and there's virtually no smell.
    Shellfish suck hairy arse as I'm allergic to them. Lobster and crabs in good supply locally too, bleh.

  15. ....mmmm..Brittany moules & chips :) Lurks is right tho, some too-trendy-to-read-the-health-&-safety-policy restraunt in Edinborough layed me out for two days of my holiday once. Bastards.

  16. Slim - I followed a Rick Stein recipe for trout on his tv prog which was also in one of his books where he quotes Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer saying some shit about 'they caught trout fresh and cooked it with bacon as soon as they could and Tom couldn't believe how good it was as he washed down the man's liver with some flaava beans and a fine Chianti'. Or at least that's what I think it was. I may be confusing things.
    Anyway, it's a top combo. Slice up some bacon in to half inch strips cutting vertically up the rasher and chuck them in the same time you put the trout, flesh down into the pan. When you flip the trout onto the skin side (this is how you get crispy skin readers - cook it second and make sure you serve the fish skin up so that steam condensation doesn't make the skin go soggy on the plate. If you do it skin then fish side, you can get shrinkage problems on the fish which makes the skin come off the fish), just give the bacon a gentle nudge but you're going for at least semi-crispy to quite done altogether. Take it out, whap it on a plate and swear you've found one of life's simplest best dishes.
    The posher recipe is the same but you cook up a mixture of half red wine, half red wine vinegar and some finely chopped shallots in another flat pan. You have to make sure it reduces to about a quarter of vol and make sure, again, you pour around the fish and don't fuck the skin up. But it makes a great counterpoint to the fresh fish and the crispy bacon. It's a fuckin ripper.
    /me goes off to break into the fishmongers.

  17. It sounds good that, although I'm not really fucked on filleting trout, I just gut and scale em and cook them heads on like they're supposed to be done.

  18. I also can't figure out why you'd do all that stuff with trout. Cook as normal with the head on and the skin just pushes off.