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Friday 25 June 2004

Red Orchestra [spiny]

Had a quick run around on the 'Red Orchestra' mod for UT2K4 tonight. Rather than a coloured musical instrument sim, it's yet another WW2 themed multiplayer FPS.
Set on the eastern front it's the ruskies v nazis with a capture & hold game objective. No surprises (or originality) there.
Things differ once you get into more detailed game mechanics, the authors claim a realism bias. This is done quite well in some areas like the implementation of brining your rifle to the shoulder to aim through the 'iron sights' & the elimination of a crosshair. Less well in others like still being able to jump out of a 1st storey window, although you still take damage & are forced to limp for a bit. There's a rudementary stamina factor so you can't sprint everywhere before running out of puff. [That's puff Slim, not poof].
This might be starting to sound like a Call of Duty rip off which to a large extent is what it feels like. The major Unique Fragging Point(tm) is the implementation of player classes. Commander, heavy gunner, sturmtrooperwaffensoldat etc in an attempt to encourage some form of teamplay I suspect.
In the end I suspect this may well have been a lot better implemeted as a simple class mod for CoD rather than putting the effort into re-coding stuff in the UT engine. Indeed, some of the texturing & animations alone make you wish this. There's a distinct lack of servers on line. 17 when I refreshed with two populated, both full.
A later version may be worth checking out at a LAN, but stick to CoD for now.


  1. Sounds like wolfenstein...

  2. Nowhere near as good as wolfenstein.