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Friday 11 June 2004

Picks Of The SNES Pantheon [drdave]

I hate games. They suck, all of them. They're all about flim flam and hoo haa these days. All flash and fancy-schmancy wizardry that lasts about 30 seconds before you're bored with the shallow gameplay and depressing game mechanics. Sometimes it seem that the thick-necked, low brow game developers have learned nothing...
The thing is, I didn't always hate games. In fact, I bloody loved 'em. Every new release put a spring in my stride, and cocked my cap at a jaunty angle. Entire seasons would slip away as I beavered my way through Zelda, or Sonic, or Pilotwings. Ah yes, the halcyon days of the SNES and the Megadrive. What finer period in humanity's history has there been? I know not...
So, charged with a furious nostalgic fervor, and fueled by a full tank of retrol (retro petrol... see? Nevermind...), I decided to reclaim those salad days and buy my ass an ebay SNES. One super cheap paypal transaction later, and I'm eagerly awaiting a new (old) addition to my under-TV domain.
Now, I'm well schooled in the dangers of retracing your steps through well travelled lands, having strolled the Retro Road before. Inevitably, things are never quite as good as you remembered, and generally speaking, it all ends in tears. So with this in mind, I need to apply a fool-proof selective procedure to my SNES game collecting.
I need to stick with the real plums, only the true pips and dandys should find their way into my eager slot. You know the ones... the games that transcend the petty concerns of space and time, and retain their magic while all around them whither and age. Your Zeldas. Your Super Mario Worlds. Your Super Metroids. Like Ronald Reagan, these Colossi will stride their way through eternity, reputations untarnished...
So I offer it out to the collective mind of EED and its glorious affiliates... what games should the perfect SNES collection contain? Blog on!


  1. I fear for you Dave. This can only end in tears as treasured memories are tarnished. To compensate for this try getting Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
    Shadowrun was a pretty good wee top down action RPG as well. Legend of Mana rocked as well.
    If you like shooters get Starfox.

  2. I too caught the same bug, my living room has a SNES, a DC, a GC and a PS2, all plugged into the power, all scarted/composited and s-video-ed-up, ready to go... All gathering dust.
    I've had a bit-o fun on my SNES, enjoyed Zelda and Pilotwings, but then I'd never played them originally. If you've been through the loop already, I can't see you getting much fun out of Pilotwings.
    I'd look out for F-Zero and Mario Kart, if I were you. They tend to go for silly prices, so I've not picked them up, but I'm sure you'll find them, you're retrol-powah-ed.
    What strikes me about this era of games is that if you got stuck, you didn't have the interweb to go and find the solution 'just to get past this bit'. You had to try, try again. Playing Pilotwings again you'll see what I mean. It's frustrating, it's hard, it's maddening, but slowly and surely, you develop plans, schemes, ruses, to solve your current problem. You have to think for yourself.
    I don't think any of us want to use our brains anymore. I certainly don't. In the past you could have written to some stinky mag for help, and within 6-8 weeks the solution may have been printed, most likely not. You were on your own.

  3. Zelda, Chronotrigger, Mario Kart, Starfox, and Streetfighter2 were all amazing. :)

  4. Mario Kart - say no more

  5. Zelda III, Mario Kart (multiplayer only), Super Mario World, Streetfighter II Turbo, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Donky Cong Country 1&2, Super Star WArs, Metroid, Probotector, Final Fantasy 3.