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Wednesday 9 June 2004

Ever bought a load of shite? [drdave]

Short, to-the-point blog. Have you ever bought an expensive electronic gizmo that you were convinced would be the cat's pyjama's, but actually turned out to be the dog's arse?
NetMD minidisc walkman for me. Awful. Truely awful. Software that only a mother could love. I detest its memory, even the missus (who currently uses it) hates it. And it will go for about 20 quid on ebay. Bah!
Confess on, chaps...


  1. Sony Ericcson Z600 mobile phone. It looked so good, everyone banged on about how elite the t610 was, and this was a clam version of that with better reception, fixing the t610's main fault. But it turns out the t610 is a shit phone, and the z600 equally shit. Dave prances around with his truly elite nokia 6600 and makes me feel like a turd.

  2. Samsung D410.
    Cannot copy phone contacts from the sim card to the phone memory, you can't even transfer contacts via IRDA from a T610 or a Sony Clie!
    Phone is a big pile of wank!

  3. Microsoft keyboard thing with 'very useful shortcuts'. Cost about £50.00. Have I ever used a single sodding shortcut? of course not.

  4. Yep.. Shite versions of classic Atari games.
    Terrible Atari VCS controller, terrible VCS quality games. I had it my head it would be MAME quality games.

  5. I've bought lots and lots of shite. I think I'll start off with the closest one to your NetMD (which I said was fucking shit but you bought it anyway!)... I bought a Philips DCC deck and portable player. During a narrow time frame that I bought it, the sound quality of those were better than MDs. Then MD get its act together rapidly and I was left holding large clunky tape-based (and hence not random access) shite, big shite. I stuck by it as it died until I couldn't get blank tapes anywhere anymore. The hi-fi deck is the wife's monitor stand...

  6. Game Boy Advance. Looked so leet, a portable snes. Turned out to be a portable kipper. Expensive games, a screen that couldn't be seen and a shit battery life made it utterly fucking useless. God bless ebay.
    Homer: The namco one looks brill, but its ntsc only, fucksticks.

  7. I think we all got bitten by the GBA. Battery life was OK on it I thought? The screen was just the most stupid thing. Oh right, and add a bunch of those fucking small form factor PCs into the shit list as well. Piles of fucking shit. Noisy, hot and then the PSUs blow up and fry everything on the mobo. Wank!

  8. Agreed on the GBA, I still got plenty of use on it with F-Zero and Monkey ball Advance tho - greeat for airports (as long as you had good light!) Thank god for the GBA:SP!
    Microsoft keyboard thing with 'very useful shortcuts' -> I still have that, and use the audio volume keys quite a bit :)

  9. The Silverado CPU fan for my old Athlon 800. I basically spent over £50 to fit a hairdryer that made my case warmer and my CPU temp higher. The contact plate was actually a block of silver or something ridiculous. A stunning example of Mugwum's Law of Fans and an absolute piece of shit!A Beretta 92FS during Lurker's Airsoft phase. Bit of a laugh like, but when you sober up and remember that you actually get issued a 9 milly at the weekends anyway it's a disaster waiting to happen. Swapped with Mugwum for a GF3 Ti200 at some point.A stubby 'cool-looking' Bee Sting aerial for my MINI, to replace the factory-fit one. It doesn't take Einstein to realise that the length of the aerial has a direct effect on your FM reception*, and that's why I stopped being able to pick up radio stations. Duh!!(*) short version - I'm sure Lurker or Dave can go into this shit in great depth

  10. Cheers Slimbo, I've had my beadies on the Namco one too. Know anyone who's got one? NTSC is fine for me. I thought you had a tv that wasn't found in Logie Baird's shed?

  11. This blog is not about recommending stupid retro games mmkay? Jesus!

  12. Apple Newton (PDA), utter pants, I don't know what came over me. Oh and a Sega Master system when I already had a N.E.S which rocked at the time.

  13. My tiny SiPix digital camera.Takes pictures, but it can't handle low light (anything other than full on sun it seems), eats batteries incredibly fast, takes ages to react to the button being pressed, and is fiddly to use.
    I suppose its not too bad as it only cost me about £25 :-)

  14. Let's see...
    Tribes 2, as Spiny also has. Why the fuck did I bother? I'm crap at all the usual FPS games, so why try this? Skiing llamas all over the place.
    GBA. Bought it cheap off a mate who had won it, blagged a couple of THQ games off Asam. Played it for a little bit. It's still here somewhere I think.
    GBA Flash cart. For said GBA. Flashed it with a couple of games. I think it now has the C64 SID player on it, with 20 or so C64 tunes... Still awaiting a C64 emu.
    Napa MCD380 MP3 player. Read 8cm discs (190MB), ok unit and stuff, but I never take the bus anyhow, so didn't use it much.
    Halo. Everyone stopped playing this shortly after I got it (and I got stung in customs when buying from Play).

  15. The GBA - the games were pretty cool but I couldn't see the screen at all.
    The original Rio MP3 player - poor quality sound, dodgy software, memory that corrupted, slow serial link.. it was pants.
    I bought a Saitek X45 joystick/throttle a few weeks ago to have a go at some flightsims, especially the old Star Wars ones like Xwing Alliance. I'm not too impressed with it so far. It seems solidly built but the joystick is very stiff and 'sticky' making it hard to have fine control over where the crosshair is pointing.

  16. Does anyone think that Meaty didn't really get the point of the blog? :)