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Monday 7 June 2004

Free anti intrusion signup (TPS). [shedir]

My da's been getting plauged by some dodgy marketing company. So decided to opt out rather than start arguing with them, which is time consuming and futile.
Go visit
Takes 28 days to kick in, but there's another option which will cut down those mailshots too.
Got to be worth a go isn't it!


  1. I was going to post myself about this, as I have been STUNNED by itseffectiveness this afternoon.
    I signed up for the TPS months ago, and they said 'would you like to includeyour mobile phone? While there is currently no legal recources, somemarketers are also agreeing not to call mobiles registered with us' - so Isaid 'yeah sure' not expecting it to make the blindest bit of difference.
    Only now, today I'm about 80% of the way through building a crm/reportingintranet system for a local company who are (shock horror) a cold-callingcentre and I phone the IT manager controlling the project and have to askhim to call me back.... and he CANNOT.
    Apparently, there is a network-level service offered by BT that will simplygive a 'this number is barred from your phone' message to any TPS-subscribedcall centre who attempt to ring a TPS number - so no need for them to do allthe checking/data management themselves. How incredibly efficient of ourgovernment/BT/marketers.
    Wow. Superb!

  2. How much cold calling do you peeps get?
    I get about one spam text every couple of months and zero cold calling on either mobile or home phone. Though I do go through lengths never to give my number to anyone or any company, and if they make me, I make up a duff number 0113 000 0000, if they want to contact me about something important, they can write.
    This tactic also got my account suspended with eBay for supplying false information, so it's sometimes wise to supply it.