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Monday 28 June 2004

ebay overcharging [lurks]

I noticed I got billed a rather large amount by eBay this month. Over 70 quid. I'd flogged a fair bit but not enough to warrant fees of that order. So I looked at my invoice and discovered £53.03 marked down as not being paid earlier in the year (when I sold a load of stuff), so they charged it to me again.
15-Jun-04 22:10:19 BST Payment Adjustment - Debit -£53.03 Uncharged CC Payment Reversal from January 2004 Ref #128493292
Sadly because I switched cards, I had to get my bank to send me credit card statements from early in the year (I just use electronic banking) but when those turned up, I found the £53.03 charged to me in February.
Obviously I reported it and demanded a refund but apparently I'm not alone. They've cocked up migration to a new billing system. I recommend you check your recent eBay invoices and make sure they haven't tacked on any charges.
Of course with all things eBay, they make it absolutely impossible to contact them... but if you dig around their feedback, you will find a billing category to email them although it's not in a logical place.
In other news - I signed up for a free trial of LycosMax email. When I got in, I decided it was shit but couldn't work out how to cancel my trial. So I emailed them I wanted it cancelled and forgot about it.
Month later, they send me an email thanking me for my purchase.
I got onto my bank, told them to deny any transactions from Lycos and emailed the Lycos again. So far no charge, no email response, nothing. Another scamming company that just relies on the fact they'll get you in on a trial and then make it impossible for you to get off.
World is full of scammers and they're not just guys in a hut in nigeria.


  1. So, did ebay refund you yet ?Thankfully I only owe ebay about 50p, so they've never bothered collecting it :-)

  2. They're making me fax over my credit card statement. Then apparently they'll take a month to decide if they've over charged me or not.
    Honestly, if there was anyone else - sellers would just vanish from eBay in their droves.

  3. Oh yes, I am a victim, too. They have double billed me and I have not heard a response from my customer service email which was sent nearly 2 wks. ago. I think I'm done with Ebay. I've heard the overstock auctions have a customer service phone number. Imagine that!!!!