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Saturday 23 October 2004

AmLAN 2004 [Lurks]

Holy jumpin' Arafat we've updated it again. Attendee list now quite scary.
{Updated Attendee List below - Nov 16th}{Updated Games List below - Nov 16th}
AmLan (19th, 20th, 21st of November - no really and not some other random dates) approaches and we're looking to get our shit together to sort it out. Also Salad has rigged up some elit0r sponsorship for us so booze, van-hire and stuff like that will be paid for in exchange for some shameless promotion. I'm sure we can take time out from shamelessly promoting ourselves to let someone else get some of the limelight in exchange for hard alcohol.
Anyhow, this blog is going to serve as an organisational effort. Most of the time with these LANs it's just a couple of people who do all of the work but we're looking to change that and get folks to pitch in doing something to add to the weekend's festivites. First things first though, the attendee list is as follows;
At AmLAN 2004:
Deeply fuckin unlikely; Meatball, that bloke what makes games with goats, Spider man. Can't remember about; Shinji. Decent excuse for absenteeism; Beej.
People who would have time of their lives if they went but for reasons only known best to themselves, don't show to anything: venusXL, Cavalier, Lucifa, Mugwum.
And you will need to have bought the following games because we will be playing these games or mods for these games and will have gone to some trouble to set up servers, maps and so on.
  • Half-Life 2 - CounterStrike: Source etc - PRELOAD IT
  • Battlefield 1942 - We'll have desert Combat etc
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 - We'll have the mods
  • Raven Shield & Athena Sword mission pack
  • Quake 3, RA3, Q2, PK
  • Odder Requests: Rome Total War, TA, TOCA 2 (would rock), Halo, Rallisport Challenge, errr FarCry

That means you should have these installed and patched up to the latest and you should bring the CDs. Mods is optional, those wont be too much hassle. You also need to bring a headset.
This blog is meant to be edited obviously.


  1. Can I also suggest Fifa 2005 and PES3? along with some joypads. I'll bring my ps2 with usb converter thing. Plenty of us attending love footie, so lets watch Celtic rule the roost!
    Anything in particular those of us not bringing PC's should arrive with? Other than a cheery disposition and a method of blagging a box!
    If Suit is pestered enough I think he'd come for the Sat then back on Sun.

  2. Shed, as you know rule 101 of 't' 'Death is that football sucks piss and that those that like it talk about it have to do so in the outside loo using Tuvan throat-singing to communicate. But in honour of this unprecedented attendance on your blessed part, yes there shall be PS2 (if you bring it) and yes there may even be footy. The rest of us will stand on the terraces that are my sofas and pelt you with fifty pence pieces.

  3. Och aye ya coo! Mak soore yer nae left inra dark, ken? can we have networked MAME on the list too!Jedi Knight II as well please if poss, feel my gaelic force!I think I'm gonna be the most unpopular attendee before I even arrive with this shit.

  4. Mame should be all-in given pod and maybe maybe baby Dr Dave.

  5. Copy that. Dave'll be there, and thee will fear mine skillz!

  6. Shedir, I've got the PS2 covered. So don't worry about that.

  7. Might also be helpful to compile a list of who's actually bringing a pc? I gather there's a few who aint.

  8. Bringing PCs for themselves: Am, Lurks, Brit, Dr_Dave, Houmous, Spiny, Mistral, Pod, Muz, Spiro. I think that's it?

  9. In addition to my own rig I'm bringing my work machine, that's an Athlon 64 3500+ with an FX 5900XT in a big ass Alienware case. :) I'll try borrow a couple of Area-51m notebooks if I can but it's a busy time of year for loans and stuff so I wouldn't count on it.

  10. Only thing I could do with is a monitor. I only have a 19inch CRT and I'm not so keen on lugging it around. I'm trying to steal something from work but they're being a little tight. So if anyone has something a little more portable to throw in the Van I'd appreciate it.

  11. I'm bringing meh PC and stuff. Might bring my shuttle too - not the greatest spec, but still a playable machine.

  12. 10 6ft tressle tables and twenty chairs - booked! And hold on to your hats Lotta's booked time off work.

  13. Excellent, I've never saw her in the flesh. Glad she kept up #eed relations. Reckon I'll need to bring my digicam.
    Shame Hans couldn't make it though, still every cloud etc...

  14. Operation: Flashpoint!
    ... oh, and a networked Gauntlet luv-in, natch.

  15. I'm bringing a spare machine too for anyone that wants it

  16. Me, Hou & Mistral do need to spread the call of duty gospel. Also there'll be the chance to try some new (hint) stuff like MOH-Pacific Assault & Men Of Valor.

  17. Pacific fighters could be worth a bit of "neeawww, daka daka daka daka boom!" too.

  18. Yeah, I suppose if four people get bored, they could have a quick runaround in a small room with lots of pretty looking but inert scenery...

  19. You talking about Am's pink painted room?

  20. UT2k4 has been updated to v 3339 - get patched up & make sure you have the bonus pack.

  21. BF1942 bf1942_patch_v1.6.19.exe bfv_v1_2.exe CoD_1.4_Patch.exe d3_1_1.exe Driver 2 rvspatch_1.0_to_1.56_uk.exe ASPatch_1.0_To_1.10_Uk.exe Battlefront Battlefront1_1.exe ut2004-winpatch3323.exe (Get the bonus pack maps at the bottom of this page too)Q3 q3pointrelease_132.exe

  22. Ok-kokey we're now just 48 hours from the largest gathering of EED ever. Fucking scary shit.
    Now I think we've done everything more or less - there's addresses, mobile numbers and all that shit out there. One last thing - we will be heading off for a curry on Friday night about 7.30pm. If you're later than that, you need to park car in my drive and walk to the curry house (about 5-10mins). It's quite simple.
    I've got the ph34r - hope you've got teh beer!

  23. Ok it's also time to get a few things sorted
    1. The Curry on Friday is now Bad-Taste-Shirt Curry. Dust off your worst!
    2. As for all things, if you don't follow the rules, there's clearly a drinking penalty involved.
    3. Bring *CASH* - we can't be fucking around with 21 cards for meals.
    4. Some personnel are required to bring some things (not optional);
    Am - A House
    Brit - A server
    Braddy - Three decent matchboxes
    Dr Dave - A pack of playing cards
    Houmous - A bottle of Absinthe
    Jay - A comedy hat
    Kavey - Ambient chill out music shit
    Lotta - Swedish porn for beej
    Lurks - a projector and "random shit"
    Muz - crimpers
    Mistral - Balloons
    Ollie - a bag of sugar cubes
    Pod - A bottle of Archers
    Shedir - a roll of sellotape or gaffa tape
    Skeeve - Twizzle sticks and / or cocktail umbrellas (enuff)
    Slim - 3 to 6 condoms
    Spiny - a terrible tie
    Spiro - a beer glove / chiller sleeve / something similar
    Rodge - Pictures of Houmous in compromising positions
    Vagga - A rugby / rules ball