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Sunday 3 October 2004

Lurks destroys Houmous' PC [Houmous]

It was going so well - I arrive at the station to pick up the PC god and his great wife (A man who before todays sordid activities I used to respect). We arrive at my house and I wait patiently with sterilized towels outside the bathroom while he changes into his surgical gown.
All is going well - Lurks entertains his audience with funny stories and amusing antidotes as he delves into my PC performing deft movements with its vital organs. After 15 minutes of intensive operations he pronounced the patient fitter than ever before.
We gather round excited as we move onto the post water cooler phase - overclocking! Our glee somewhat subsides however a few seconds later when - BUUOOOOOFFFFFF! - the PC goes off and we turn round to see a waterfall starting at the top of my PC cascading gently over my motherboard.
Fellow EEDer's - as I post this blog from my emergency laptop - I am in a state of shock - my ideals shattered - everything that has ever meant anything to me destroyed - I ask you to post uplifting comments and any useful suggestions as I sit, head in hands, at one of the lowest points of my life...


  1. As Nelson would say: Ha-Ha!

  2. At least you have your backups to fall back on. Now you just have an interesting water feature as well.

  3. Lurks himself in the ultimate SRI!? This is like christmas!

  4. Um, I didn't make the leaky water block.

  5. In the words of the truly l33t - lol!

  6. Is this an SRI worthy of a P30-n?

  7. About six years ago right, I was working "in television" down in Docklands. Mat was working just up the road on CU Amiga as some sort of Net deity. I had this blagged A4000T, it was a giant behemoth of an Amiga 1200 in a stupid case with "Zorro slots", but it ran like a spastic on stilts.
    So Lurks had somehow obtained the first PowerPC chip for the Amiga for review, and he didn't have a box to put it, so he comes over to try it in my underused miggy. He puts in this expensive CPU and... nothing happens. He tries again. And again. And we piss about for a bit, but he finally gives up.
    Later, it is discovered that he had been inserting the CPU back to front.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, proof that recent wanton hardware destruction was not an isolated incident?

  8. I recall the night that Lurks destroyed at least 60% of the London posse by simply suggesting we had a few swifties
    Yes, your computers may be submerged, and yes your CPU may have become more bent than Graham Norton, but at the end of the day these things can be replaced.
    My liver now resembles polyfilla.