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Saturday 16 October 2004

Cruel Britain [Houmous]

We often talk about progress and such matters as how important it is to look after the elderly - so I´m sure fellow EED members will be shocked to learn that I´ve been sitting in my own excrement now for 4 weeks totally unable to blog ( because apparently I havent got a referer - wetf that means!)and NO ONE CARES!
I have had to fly to Barcelona, under extreme hardship (no champagne on the flight) to post this message to you from a dodgy internet cafe while very very pissed.
I appeal to your good nature and jovial side (?)my friends - will no one help an old man in the autumn of his life?
Oooohhh what do these keys do? ¡¡¡¡¿¿¿¿ÇÇÇÇ


  1. Houmous - I care!
    Alright, actually that's a lie. I don't. So, whatever eh......
    Autumn's a bit chilly eh readers? Maybe we ought to have an Alan Tittmarsh article or two?

  2. Oooh its working!

  3. and on my lappy!

  4. More sort of edging into winter, wouldn't you say?