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Monday 25 October 2004

DCFinal videos! [Beej]

EED had a Desert Combat sesh on a public server tonight, with the longest round being a bit of a mammoth sesh on Wake. The game was a bit out of the ordinary because not only did clan whale-chomper [EED]Meatball show up, but also [EED]Slim was the highest scoring player on the team (yes, it was Slim wot wun it).
Here are some video snippets of the boys in action, with the inevitable Teamspeak audio mix:

How to take on two M16-armed infantry with only Browning 9mm... and win!

If your Grail is spent, just fall back on the trusty Soviet RPG-7

There's someone hiding near the flag. Don't forget to check the dark corners!

Get your facking landmine off my bonnet!

Teamwork in effect - every hit counts

[EED]Meatball gets a kill! (caught on video, otherwise no-one would believe it)

You need the XviD codec to watch these videos.


  1. What did you take those with Beej, fraps or gamecam?Another good sesh last night with requisite Spiny TKing. But at least I didn't get auto kicked for TKing too much! *cough* Lurks, *cough* slim :)

  2. Um, I got kicked because, get this, an apache came out of his base, raped a bit and went back to land and repair. I chased him and nuked him with my hind as he was headed in. I got kicked for 'base camping' and also about 5 minutes after the event. You can't make this shit up.
    We had the most awesome game on Gazala last night. 3v3, close fought all the way and in the last few minutes Brit was kicked for TKing and I got the final kill in with a pistol. Heh! They were damn good too, ace game.