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Thursday 21 October 2004

The British MOT should look at this [Salad]

In CR we something called the RTV which is the equivalent of the British MOT. Friend of mine just put his car through it and he failed. The only surprise was on what he failed. His car had plumes of black smoke coming out, none of his windows worked, he only had 1 headlight, no rear view mirror, completely bald tires and the brakes were screwed.
Yet, he failed on...having no emergency triangle. They were fine with the rest of the problems.
Fortunately, he paid the guy $20 and he passed him. Central America is great...


  1. Wahey, congrats on hitting blog 800. :) Oh, what's an emergency triangle and can we have a photo of the car?

  2. At an outside guess I'd say that's a triangle, right, that is used in an emergency :D
    Oh alright, it's a red, reflective triangle you whack on the road in front of a brakedown / accident sort of thing.
    800 blogs eh. I'm taking bets on whether beej_code will Y2K and clock back to zero in 200 blogs time....

  3. Got a pic. How do I add it to a blog?

  4. Easiest thing is just upload it to some web space and then type some HTML in the box. The best thing is just your regular A link tag, rather than an embedded image. In fact, if Beej's technology works (don't go switching your life machines off just yet), you ought to be able to just paste the URL for the upload into the blog box and it will auto link.
    As an ex marketing director of an offshore hosting company, if you still haven't got the web space or the skillz - you can always email it to me and I'll do it :)

  5. I just run casinos and poker rooms mate...I don't know nuffin about that technical doo-hickery.
    But I'll mail it to you any way...*slopes off admitting defeat in a decidedly low-skill fashion*

  6. We've done over 50 blogs in Blog v2, so get with the programme you sons of ugly bitches!
    When Lurks and I originally tapped into the awesome power of the Quantum Assmaster Principle three or so years ago, I implemented a four-digit limit on the blog IDs. If it breaks at 0999 I'll sleep with someone ugly... I dunno... Skeeve or Spiro maybe.
    Otherwise, see you for Blog 9999 in about 20 years!