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Monday 18 October 2004

Desert Combat Final [Lurks]

Well, Desert Combat 1.0 Final is out, even though the installer calls it beta 3 and even though it's still not up on the official site, there's a changelog here and you can grab a torrent of it here.
It seems to be full of subtle but noticable changes. The sounds are much improved. There's a lot of silly stuff fixed like the maneuverability of the heavy choppers and the way stingers work is a fair bit better too. Lots of nice touches all in, I like it a lot. It hasn't sufficiently changed to stop Slim bleating about it but it's still an astounding game and worth dusting off for another round.
If you fuckers ever download it...


  1. if you get lots of weird lag and freezing you could try the readme file :)
    need to delete/rename the sound001.rfa in a dcfinal subdir.

  2. Downloaded this just now - will install it when I get home, looks good...