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Monday 25 October 2004

My Mug is Dead! [DNM]

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my beloved EED original blue mug. It has served many a tea and coffee, but alas due to a rather inept example of handling it crashed to the floor shattering into dozens of pieces. I was actually quite saddened by this!
R.I.P. DNM's EED mug1999-2004


  1. Just nipped into the kitchen to check to see how many I had since I got a few from back then. There's only one! Dunno where they all went. :( Sorry fella, I would have sent you one of my spares...

  2. Ahhh bugger... :( The cafepress ones just haven't got the vibe going on! :) I think I've still got my sweat-top and t-shirts still! LOL! Classic days mate.

  3. Still got two pristine condition blue mugs, one in the kitchen and one in safe-keeping in the attic (gf thought we had enough mugs already)!Wonder if they'd be worth much on Ebay :)Also got my Everglide Attack Pad and a couple of t-shirts.And I agree with DNM, the white one just doesn't "do" it for me.

  4. So long as Mugs isn't dead. Phew.