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Thursday 21 October 2004

Offshore Wagering Ups and Downs [Salad]

Hello all - been a long time since I've seen some of you.
Life in the world of offshore gambling gets weirder by the day. US government is such a bunch of hypocrites: Vegas and Atlantic City make billions every year, but Poker rooms like ours offshore are accused of being the people that fund anti-US terrorists and exploit Americans in ways that Vegas never would. Tosh. At least American's are voting with their $'s - over 15 million of them gambling with people like us last year.
At least this fact keeps me smiling - day in day out, Europeans are kicking the crap out of American players in online Poker rooms. You'd think it would be the other way round. Wonder what that says about the size of our respective brain-pans?
Wonder why they call my value-adding emails SPAM? They are soooo far behind the curve, bless em.


  1. Ay up. I tend to play on ladbrokes because I'm familiar with their shops and all and they use the microgaming stuff. I know a couple of the lads that work for microgaming (they're just round the corner from me).
    Got to say geography makes much of a difference for me when selecting a room, although I'm not what you'd call a heavy player online. Far prefer to play face to face with me buds so I can watch the tells and have fun with teh banter and teh crack.
    How come your stuff doesn't appear on
    Oh, and spam is spam, there's nowt value adding about it.

  2. Prima is the best damn software out there (that's what Ladbrokes use)
    We are brand new but growing fast. We'll be up there soon, especially when we pay the advertising rate! :-)
    Guess you are right about SPAM, thankfully we don't have to do it. Still, might fill up Lurks' inbox with a few choice items...just for the blue veins that would appear on his head! I've been told it is still incredibly easy to do. ;-)

  3. I know some guys that spam like crazy - they recon it's still easy as ever, they just get more creative by the day.