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Friday 8 October 2004

Neovo E-19 Review [Lurks]

Yeah well, having a 21.3-inch TFT at home makes 17-inch TFTs seem inadequate as I said. The thing is, the prices have absolutely plummeted on the smaller models including 19-inch TFTs. I like the idea of a 19-inch model at work because at 1280 x 1024, that's very large and easy on the eye.
When I was browsing ebuyer, I came across a 19-inch model with a pretty funky design, proper anti-glare glass front to the screen and all for less than 400 quid. I was feeling one of those Distance Selling Regulations moments coming on - IE order something which basically there are no reviews on the Net for and if it sucks, return it.
So that's what I did. This is a 19-inch designer glass-fronted anti-glare 1280 x 1024 TFT for less than 400 notes. It's just for work right, I can't lose?
You're right I couldn't lose, it turns up without a single pixel dead. Absolutely wonderful. Very bright, huge viewing angle. Built in PSU (so a mains lead just plugs in the back), DVI and analogue supported. Glass front which is very swish indeed and looks better than any monitor I've owned yet. It was, in short, an absolute corker of a buy and in many ways more surprising than the 213T which I just expected to be great because it cost a bomb.
There are some drawbacks. The stand isn't very adjustable at all, there's no tilt from side to side at all and it wont tilt flat. It's about 5 degrees backwards so if I put this like I normally do, on top of an old defunct desktop (Amiga at home, Dell mp3 server at work) then it'd be tilted up too far so I've had to move it in front instead. Yet because of the huge viewing angle, I'm really not bothered - it's getting treated like a CRT.
And... I think the rated response rate is also 25ms. I wasn't expecting it to be brilliant for games but the simple fact is that it is. It's awesome for games. Couple of chaps from the office checked it out and were highly impressed, I think one of them is going to pick it up.
One shitter is that the DVI/analogue switch is burried in a menu. It's a lovely looking menu system but it's a bit of a fart about. It's not really useful for switching between two computers. But other than that, for less than 400 quid - this is one hell of a monitor.


  1. Logitech Dinovo desktop, you swish fucker! :)
    Cheers for that Mat, I quite fancy one of these now. Much as I love my iiyama Vision Master Pro 512, the size and weight of it is really becoming an issue now. Plus, the longer I faff around before selling it and upgrading to a nice TFT, the less it's going to be worth...