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Wednesday 16 July 2003

1942 or 2003 Top Fun [spiro]

Brit, Beej and Myself have just had a fantastic afternoon of DC, only to be let down towards the end by a team full of plane camping kiddies.
I was having so much fun I actually forgot to take screenshots. I could hear Brit screaming DIE!!!!! whilst shooting down aircraft. Beej pounding the enemy with artillery and laying mines punctuated by a SUCK iT DOWN !!!
Some class team play by [EED] You guys need to get in on this.
Just had a quick fly round the new Battlefield 1942 map 'The Battle Of britain', the germans have to bomb 3 different targets to the ground in order to win. Simple format top fun.
here are just a few screenies.
Ah, the white cliffs of Dover, well not so white. Coastline
Perfect weather for it, what ? Lovley day for it
Radar dish, one of the many targets to be defended. Radar
Here they come, roger, roger, TALLY HO!!!!!!! Germans
A quick Look at the map Map
I'm looking forward to playing a bit more of this.
Get 1942 faggots.


  1. Had it installed for zonks, just can never be motivated to go play.

  2. Yeah 's cool. I prefer vanilla '42 to DC I think. I'm also colin Mcraeing atm. Vrroom.

  3. Played a load more this afternoon!Coalition flag carrier escaping in AC130 gunship - he gets away this timeI cap the flag. Badly needing transport Brit picks me up in his Blackhawk stolen from the American Zionists!Brit manfully handles his joystick to get us homeOh no - imperialist F16 on our tail! F16 is decimated by the on-board minigun

  4. Vanilla 42 is wicked fun, but DC does add a lot more firepower and speed to the game. I'm sort of drawn between the two at the moment. If they sorted out a few niggles on DC I think it would win. Stinger being the biggest niggle at the mo.
    Top shot Beej, I think I was back at base protecting our flag at that time, class to see you and Brit land right next to te flag for a SCORE!!!!!!Just sen this, check out the new Cruise Missle for DC. Also a few shots from the new .4 version.