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Thursday 17 July 2003

Elite Display-age [muz]

Having been looking around for a nice phat screen to replace my aging LG 15' Flatron (which now has a home on my mum's desk at work), I purchased an AOC LM919 for a very reasonable £386 delivered from this lot, discovered by [EED]Lurker. Not only is this a leet 19' monitor, it has in-built speakers and a USB hub.
Order was placed at 2PM Wednesday, despatch e-mail received at 3PM Wednesday, kit arrived Thursday afternoon via Initial CityLink. So far so good.
Open up the box, contains power lead, DVI lead, VGA lead, audio lead, USB A->B lead, and of course the monitor and stand.
Assembly was a bit tricky - the ports for all the cables are hidden behind a plastic cover, and two more pieces of plastic need to be removed to run the cables through the base. Not too difficult to do, but not obvious, and not mentioned in the instructions. Minor problem overall.
Behold! The final result! Looks gorgeous running in 1280x1024x75Hz. Speakers are more than sufficient for my needs, sound fine playing MP3s and games. USB ports are very unobtrusive, hidden away on the left-hand side of the monitor, behind the main screen. Dead handy. All in all, a good buy. So... who's going to be the next to buy one? :)


  1. Forgot to include a pic of the rear with the covers off.

  2. Are you still a student!?!

  3. Any news 2 weeks on - all fine and dandy? Also, anyone got an idea about how to offload old CRTs? Perfectly usable mind, but you can't get shit for them on eBay :-/

  4. You don't want a TFT, you want to buy my 22' Iiyama CRT!

  5. Two weeks on, it still rocks. Fine for Jedi Knight(cough), Warcraft 3, and CS, which I (re)installed last night. Speakers are fine for my purposes, and the inbuilt USB hub is the new Best Widget Ever. Got USB chargers for my GBA and my phone. Rocks. :)
    As for the CRT, good luck mate. If you find a winner on that front, let me know. Got a 17' Samsung I need to get rid of.