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Saturday 19 July 2003

teleco bastards [shedir]

The saga of my t68i continues. Once again it couldn't make/take calls on Sunday. SIM worked in ye olde 3310. Took it back to fuckfonewarehouse and they said nothing wrong with the phone.

T-Mobile sent me another SIM but charged £10 for the priveldge, FFS! SCANDALOUS. It's their fucking product and its faulty, probably faulty from day 1.

I can't see how it's the punters fault, but I need to be contactable so paid it. Only a tenspot but annoying none the less. No way you can reason with these people "£120 to cancel the contract sir" doesn't help either. wankers the lot of em. Of course the new sim card is just the same. One rant in crapfonewarehouse later I've been offered it's firmware upgraded. I think this is as far as they'll go before admitting the T68i is allergic to me and offering a change. I really fucking hope so.

Oh I should say after pointing out that a new sim doing the same as the old meant the phone was at fault, they refunded the tenner. So not completely stupid.


  1. I stuck my Sim in my old phone for the weekend a few weeks back and when I put it back in the T68i, it all turned to shit. It'd sometimes send or recieve a call if I was lucky and then always lock up on the second. In desperation I tried a reset, even though the UI suggested that it only reset your settings. Amazingly, it fixed the problem.

  2. God! and I thought I was alone! I am not exaggerating when I say I am on my 5th t68i.I no longer bother to customise them etc because I know they are only going to last a few months....
    Luckily the leasing company my firm is with have to change them FOC each time.......

  3. Well I got it back yesterday, and it still works!. Firmware is bang up to date. Personally I think the problem starts when I activate voice dialing. So I'll do that the next time I'm bored :)Well it's still working, I checked the games and there's a few more in there now. Essentially breakout and pong are bonuses but I'm sure there's another 20 days before it breaks again!