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Sunday 27 July 2003

Counterstrike, meet Real Life(TM) [brit]

Remember those Counter Strike games which just 'clicked' ? where, for whatever reason, things came together in such a way that even Hannibal would be chomping hard on his Montecristo and grinning?
Well Bravo channel have gone one step further, with an amazingly entertaining series (not to mention just downright cool) 'Combat Missions'. Put simply, this is Counter Strike, with real people.
They've spent a fortune on the series; building an entire military compound complete with firing ranges, assault course, barracks, and of course what appears to be an unending supply of helicopters. Two teams (there are four in the series; Alpha through Delta) battle it out for points in real world combat scenarios.
It really is CT vs T in the very real sense; team members are drawn from all over the forces, an example being that Delta team has 1 Navy Seal, 1 LAPD SWAT, 2 Marine Force Recon, 1 Delta and 1 Green Beret.. so it's as much about seeing how these guys with their very different training and skills come together to achieve the mission(s).
Normally, I don't even acknowledge Bravo's existence; it seems full of nothing but Craig Charles' pathetic paranormal rubbish and reruns of Knightrider; but this series is seriously cool - armed with modified real weapons, it's as close to a perfect 'sport' as I can think of.. now of course, I'd pay good money to have something like that started over here.
Reminds me of the time EED owned CS* in such a way that was borderline legendary...
*Term does not necessarily reflect the truth.


  1. So, where can I find a rip of this show? Mat, get to work on this if it's as cool as Brit says.

  2. That would be the time that I headshotted Lurks, Slim and Floyd all in a line at i8 on the Sunday morning before jumping to my feet and screaming 'Eaaaaaaat it you fuccccckiiiiiinnnn whoooooooooeeeeeeeessss!!!!'?
    It had been a long weekend.....

  3. Bravo isn't FTA so it's not on my lair digibox. I don't have a grabber on the lounge digibox.