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Tuesday 15 July 2003

Sky is teh suck [lurks]

Tell you what, our install of Sky satellite has been less than smooth for what I consider to be a pretty par-for-the-course residence. The first time a guy turned up, my downstairs neighbor went out and I forgot to get the keys. The install guy refused to climb out my lair window even though I had prepared a ladder (short distance down to the roof of downstairs kitchen) and the guy was going to have to get on ladders and stuff to install a dish anyway!
Next guys who turned up, a good week and a half later (wife took the day off), took one look at the house and exclaimed they couldn't do it. They didn't want to run coax through the house. Widdums! Another appointment booked with some 'high installations' team, since second lazy installer guy decided the cable should go over the roof thereby meaning he could knock off early.
Had discussions with this specialist installer and they agreed a dual LNB would be the best bet. That's basically the receiver bit on a satellite dish, a dual variety has two outputs. Thereby meaning they wouldn't have to attach another dish - one dish would feed my lair (I have a DIY dish set up for digital radio and vid capping purposes of the FTA programs) and the new installation in the lounge.
That was a good result. However the turn up today and exclaim they know nothing about a Dual LNB install, it would have cost loads extra anyway (at no stage mentioned prior) and they'd rather stick the dish on the chimney stack on the roof. IE, they don't want to have to run the cable down the back of the house so they can knock off early.
What's more, they want to charge us £40 for the brace to attach the dish onto the chimney! What?! They want it in advance and reckon I can probably bleat at Sky for a refund based on the dubious information up front. Ordinarily I'd say well goody but I'm not paying extra but since Telewest picked up the analog stuff in the morning, I've no TV at all. So just get it done says I (relayed via mobile to the wife who has taken another day off).
I'll bleat at Sky later to get my £40 back. They've provided a Pace 2600 digibox by the sound of it, that works for me. It'll sure be nice not having all the analog noise on my picture now. Must just remember to downgrade to a basic package next month...


  1. Sky don't seem to have any communications between themselves and their installers, as when they were about 20mins into installing the dish we got a call from sky saying that our installation couldn't be done that day...
    and the helpdesk, that's another story :)

  2. (my first blog comment!)On our Sky install, the chap installed it all nicely first time on the side of the house with no problems. That is until about 3 months later in March/April when leaves started to appear on the trees opposite the house, we couldn't get a signal. Over comes another Sky chap to move the dish to the chimney and charge us £30 (sure it wasn't 40) for the brace. We accepted otherwise it meant no Sky, and I've forgotten to moan at them for a refund on that.And yes Rock, they have very little communication because quite simply, they sub-contract the installations out.

  3. At least you got it sorted in the end Lurks. Fucking great big tree blocking my signal, so when the installer turned up the other week, it just didn't happen.
    Hmm, can you get prosecuted for chainsawing a tree down for purposes of veiwing pleasure ...

  4. have to say i agree wiyh you all.fortunately though there are some of us out there that do the jobs how they should be done,and also give good and proper advice.And yes,sky don't give a toss and i get really peeved at that too