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Tuesday 8 July 2003

getting old [shedir]

Frankly it sucks a cheesy big one. Out with my non wifed mates on Sunday, 8 pints and a goldie and I'm feeling the effects. They're still going strong.

Utter shite. Out of practice I guess but still not fair. Then my 20 mins for a bus home, 20 on it, 20 walking from end of run to house. The cold air had me utterly pished by the time I got home.

Where can I apply to go back to my early 20s? Where I could handle the bevy all day and night, feeling shit hot the next morning. bah.

1 comment:

  1. Seems like yesterday when I was in uni and would come home, get fucking wankered. Get up, go to work and repeat every day. Christ, if I go out on the piss now I want two days of sitting around before I can contemplate another bevvy.
    What we need basically is a machine that transplants our brains into new bodies. Then we could lie in wait after pub turf out time. We'd hijack some paralytic student wanker, then sack out and wake up a new man. It's a plan with no drawbacks!