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Sunday 6 July 2003

Root her! [slim]

Got me netgear wireless adsl router thingy at last! Bought it from dabs in the end as I was buying another bunch of stuff that was more expensive on ebuyer, or just not available. is still the chepest for these babies though if you're after one.
Anyhow, I'm really fucking impressed. Its very easy to set up, add your user name and password, and off it goes working. I'm also impressed with the firewall features, you can create services, add rules, add rules by schedule which is fucking impressive, allow only certain ip's access to rules, which is top for me coming into my home pc from work. Love the way you can get it to mail you the firewall logs periodically too. There's also a site blocker thingy, which might be handy later on with my kids going online. Teh interweb does seem faster too, which I think is because my old gateway was really a bit shit. You can also get it to sort out your dnydns client too, which saves fucking around with a client app on one of your pc's, top!
I've not tried the wireless range on it yet, and that's the one thing that folks do bleat about this router, but apart from that I@m very chuffed so far. Luberly bit of kit.


  1. Which model is it? I know you said on the list, but pop a nice link in yer blog will ya?
    Let me know if you use the VPN-ness, because I'm going mental trying to connect to my mate's PC. Using the router maker's recommended client software, SSH Sentinel 1.4 to connect to a Multitech RF550VPN via some ADSL cack modem.
    I ain't got the skillz/boxes to setup a linux ssh box, y'see, so it's pc all the way :(

  2. Sure, it's the DG824M. I don't think it has a vpn included, it just supports VPN pass through, that's fine for me as I run an sshd and use Putty's tunnel to home, and my work firewalls propriatory vpn client the other way. I've not actually tried that though, but my connection to home from work is working fine, first time too!
    SSH isn't a Linux only thing you know? I run both the sshd and the client on windows 2000 machines.

  3. Happy with my DG814, seemed to speed things up believe it or not. Config is the best I've seen, but it could do with more, like being able to watch it dial-up on the rare occasion when you get dropped. And it could provide a link to firmware downloads or offer autoupdates! It's ace though.

  4. Yeah, I'd have liked the ability to telnet to it and watch it do stuff like dial up too actually. I suppose you can't expect the moon on a stick at that kind of price.

  5. I think netgear with their platinum range take stuff like telnet off to prevent half-wits leaving the door open. Shame, I love the look but want the higher end security features.
    As for ssh, i looked at your sshd suggestions from before and it involved all sorts of overlays like Cygwin and such. Beyond my ken.
    I'd read good things about SSH Sentinel too, for it's ease of use, yet i can't even work out whether it's making it out past my router never mind to vpn at the other end!
    Does the IPSec pass-through feature of Netgear stuff need to turned on/configed?

  6. What higher end security features? The cygwin is just part of the install, you don't really need to know its there. It's a library like, don't be a pussy.

  7. On a semi-related note, finally put the Netgear RP114 that I purchased off of EED's own Lurker to use. Plugged in the cable modem, rebooted it, plugged in me two machines, IPs assigned via DHCP, away I went. (Once Lurker pointed out that I might want to hit the factory reset button to get rid of any monged up settings he may have implemented. :)
    Web interface is smart, can set up content filtering and port forwarding without any problems, and unlike ICS port forwarding, this thing allows you to specify a range of ports to forward, rather than having to set up each port individually. Most pleased.