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Friday 11 July 2003

Spiny's Micro ratings [spiny]

Following on from Lurks movie scores thread: here's one for xbox games for the newly consoled up. Feel free to add your own ratings.
Brute Force Nice graphics wrap a standard shooter. Arcadey squad-member setup adds a nice twist but the title is begging for first person viewpoint, a mouse and a keyboard. Avoid: 4/10.
Colin McRae 3 Ignore the sub standard texturing, persist with the first 1/2 dozen tracks & discover a very playable rally sim. Very good handling & sound. Nice tracks. More of a 'simmy' than 'arcadey' so avoid if you like bumper to bumper action with wide tracks. A goodun: 8/10
Halo It may be good, but it's coming to the PC with proper controls, better multi player & more weapons. Avoid: 2/10.
Midnight Club 2 Yo. Bit of a laugh 'The Fast & The Furious - the game' Yo. Surprisingly difficult quite early on. I must be missing a shortcut. Yo. At least you can turn off the disco music. Yo. Yoyo: 7.5/10
Burnout 2 Hilarious cringeworthy balls-out racer / crashing game. Very nice graphics & compulsive gameplay. Would be good with mates & beer, Turbo: 9/10.
Starsky & Hutch Repetitive gameplay redeemed by wicky-wacky guitar & large arran cardigans. Woth keeping & dipping into now & again just for the nostagia factor. Right On: 7/10


  1. Halo: Spot onStarsky & Hutch: It's much more fun on the PS2 with 2 players and a steering wheel + light gun combo :)

  2. Fifa 2003 I know it's FIFA, but it's actually pretty good. Gameplay is good, but still a little buggy, and it's presentation is obviously top class. It's no Winning 11 killer, but it's the best fitba game on the XBOX.