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Wednesday 2 July 2003

Radiohead rock Glastonbury! [lurks]

Glastonbury 2003 seemed to go down very nicely this year. Superb line-up. It stayed sunny for more or less the whole thing and the BBC pulled out some nice coverage given the extra air-time they have due to BBC 3. In fact, the BBC, went a little bit mad on the coverage. At least on the web.
Our lads Floyd and Houmous were out there who no doubt will regale us with the war stories shortly. Unfortunately the BBC's television coverage was kind of haphazard. It was excellent when they decided to film something but they made some distinctly odd decisions about what to film and what not to film and the presenters on BBC 3 were so amateur it was painful.
I missed The Music and White Stripes which I really wanted to see. However the BBC did cover the vast bulk of the Saturday night headliner, Radiohead. Although they put it on BBC3, then BBC2 and then back onto BBC3. Didn't show any of the 3 songs in the 2 encores initially but did show the last song from the second encore on the following day.
The performance was stonking and the BBC really excelled. The mixing of the crowd noise in was immaculate, I've heard a *lot* worse live albums than the excellent job they did. I captured the whole thing of satellite and then glued it together to make one big video of the entire gig apart from the encores.
As a bazillion clue-free Radiohead fans bleated about xvid codecs, bittorrent and the fact it was big and they couldn't get it in their modems etc etc - I put up just an mp3 of the entire gig sans the encores. Today I redid all the audio, splitting into tracks with fades, fixed some glitches and then encoded with lame's superb preset standard mode with full id3 tags to make a proper live album.
All this shit is on Bytemonsoon;
  • Video: My 800MB xvid monster rip of the Radiohead concert sans encore.
  • Video: Some other guy's rip of the second encore song, Street spirit.
  • Audio: My initial average quality one-big-mp3 of the gig sans encore.
  • Audio: My ninja high-bitrate 'live album' with tracks, id3 tags and encore.

Can't say fairer. You'd wanna get in now before the Torrents go away. They're all very well seeded at the moment.
So Floyd/Houmous, what was it like in person eh?


  1. Damn you and your bittorrenting ways, I'm firewalled in work and only have isdn at home. :(

  2. Just coming back to planet earth now...was my seventh and probably best Glasto - even if Floyd and I never managed to meet (what bit of I'm at the cider bus everyday between 12 and 1pm wasnt clear Floyd? haha ) - we did have some nice trolleyed mobile phone conversations though...
    Passed out for most of Radioheads performance in our tent with the perfect view of main stage - ooops - but did some great bands including Arthur Lee and Love!
    Arthur is now able to do this since being released from prison for trying to shoot his neighbour after said neighbour complained Arthur had stereo too loud - my kind of guy!
    Who else did we see? The Thrills, David Holmes and Free Association, Squarepusher, Manic Street Preachers, Sugar Babes, The Egg (twice-they also did a secret 5.00am set in the Lost Vagueness tent - the only place you can buy bubbly in Glasto and therefore a regular haunt of ours hehe), Lemonjelly, Death in Vegas.......but then as anyone will tell you who goes to Glasto its not really about the music!
    It has definitely changed alot since they stopped the scumbags getting in - although its lost a little of its character that is far outweighed by less people and therefore easier to walk about, and not getting stuff nicked from your tent....I may even be taking my kids next year :)
    I got to sort my photos but here is a couple taken by a m8.... me with hat on luved up me with another hat on luved up

  3. Jesus fucking wept!! I was toasted!!Oh and the cider bus area was huge mate and when i did head over to you, youhad moved on!!! :o))But yes, Richard Thompsom was awesome, Top Cats much rocked. Chi tea is the best ever when completely toasted. More to come later with photos!!