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Sunday 20 July 2003

New improved houmous and a question... [houmous]

I've just been enjoying one of Sainsburys (yes another fun gun session) new flavoured houmous dips, when I was suddenly hit with a question which has bothered me for years....why underneath the inane pictures that you get on food packaging do they feel the need to put 'serving suggestion'?
Is it because they are worried that, using this packaging as an example, they are going to get people complaining because when they opened up the 4 inch diameter pot there wasnt a big bag of tortilla chips, a blue bowl and a garden lawn in there?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, 'people' are stupid. A fact illustrated with clarity this evening as I pulled off the motorway into the services. The car in front of me decided to use the 100 yards of the hard shoulder prior to the slip road to get off first, then got into completely the wrong lane, dispite the signs and 4ft high letters in the road saying ">'. People = Stupid.